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Booth School of Business

Strategic Marketing Analytics

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This program provides participants with analytic frameworks for evaluating marketing strategies and tactics. The application of these frameworks will focus on value creation, product positioning, customer analysis, and pricing. Many of the examples will illustrate how even crude and limited data sources can be combined with an analytic framework to improve decision-making.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Understand the role of marketing in a modern organization with a quantitative focus
  • Develop an analytic foundation for creating the value proposition
  • Learn how to use and interpret data for marketing decision-making
  • Discuss the tools for segmentation
  • Explore the tools and logic for management of product lines consisting of complementary products
  • Understand the distinction between marketing analytics and "Big Data"
  • Explore opportunities for "Big Data" in marketing


Marketing and Value

  • The EVC (economic value to the customer) Framework
  • Optimized marketing decision-making
  • Optimized pricing
  • Determining the value proposition in a new venture

Segments and Targeted Marketing

  • Targeted pricing by segments
  • Micro-targeted pricing by individual
  • Targeting by purchase history, geo-relevance, distance, time
  • Micro-marketing
  • Behaviorally and contextually targeted advertising

Segments and Product Lines

  • Indirect segment marketing through a product line
  • Versioning of product lines to sort customer—different quality versions of the product/service
  • Product line pricing tactics and non-linear pricing
  • Anticipating and minimizing the cannibalization challenge

Bundling and Metering to Capture More Value from Consumer Segments

  • Bundling strategy to create and capture value
  • Mixed bundling as a product line strategy
  • Applying the Razors and Blades Model to launch a new product

Big Data and Marketing Analytics

  • Big data versus analytics
  • Pros and cons of leveraging big data
  • Data mining for customer insights and predictive modeling
  • Text as data and text mining
  • Limitations in data mining
  • Establishing causality through experiments
  • Generating profit-enhancing recommendations using a model
  • Managerial implications in the age of big data

Who should attend

This program will be particularly useful for executives who must translate marketing data into action and profits, including those who specialize in marketing analytics, information technology, and business development. Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to focus their marketing spend will also benefit.

Titles include: marketing manager, sales manager, product manager, financial director, and owner.

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