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The University of Auckland Business School

Strategic Management – Strategy to Implementation

Available dates

Apr 15—16, 2020
2 days
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD 2095 ≈USD 1337
NZD 1047 per day


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About the course

Thinking strategically and making it happen in large and small businesses.

This is a practical short course on how to structure an effective strategic planning process. It describes the importance of setting a strategic intent, how to use teams to perform a strategic analysis of the company’s current situation, and how to evaluate and select strategic options at corporate, business, international and alliances. It covers how to think strategically within both large organisations and small ventures, how to apply the strategic consulting companies’ techniques, and how entrepreneurs launch and grow successful ventures.

Understanding how to formulate and implement strategy can:

  • Improve the ability to spot strategic opportunities
  • Mitigate risks when acting upon opportunities
  • Improve the competitiveness of a business

Topics covered

Strategy is usually regarded as defining a goal or vision and drawing up a plan to get there. However, effective business strategy has never really consisted of just a plan. The approach that would suit a stable oil company is different from the one a technology firm would adopt, due to a more fluid and opportunistic environment.

This course will enable participants to craft strategy in diverse business environments and to answer the following questions:

  • What is this broad set of approaches to strategy formulation?
  • Which approach is effective depending on the speed of change of the environment?
  • How can each approach to strategy deliver tangible business value?
  • How can companies deal with uncertainty and control the market?


You will:

  • Be more focused and confident when thinking strategically
  • Develop a more systematic and effective approach to formulating strategy
  • Understand the techniques and methods for strategy analysis and execution
  • Understand how strategic choices are developed and selected
  • Develop insights to become a more successful manager

Your organisation will:

  • Develop strategy thinking and execution capabilities
  • Develop more effective strategic decision-making practices
  • Develop a culture of accountability for strategy-related decisions

Who should attend

  • CEOs and functional-level GMs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants involved in strategy advice

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Daniel Vidal

Dr Daniel Vidal is a general management consultant with strong hands-on systems and business strategy development experience gained in top international companies. He has an extensive consulting and advisory background with specific strengths in IT-driven transformation, strategy, business perfor...


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