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Strategic Management

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Aug 12—14
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2425
CAD 1083 per day
Feb 26—28, 2020
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2425
CAD 1083 per day
Aug 10—12, 2020
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2425
CAD 1083 per day




Thousands of executives have benefited from this program’s step-by-step strategic and business planning approach.

This 3-day program will show you how to leverage individual strategic thinking to produce superior organizational performance using workshops and strategy case studies to allow a “hands on” experience. Learn now to develop key components of the strategic management system: the situation analysis, the strategic plan and the business plan.

What You Will Learn

  • Strategic management concepts: an explanation of the major elements and history of strategic management
  • Data gathering and analysis: the facts required to support decision-making
  • Strategic issue identification: a methodology for strategic issue identification and resolution
  • Strategy: the differences and linkages between the strategies of the strategic plan and the business plan
  • Communicating strategy: tools and techniques for promoting buy-in
  • The role of expectations: understanding how expectations set the scope and rate of acceptable change for any plan
  • Implementation: aligning management activities with performance expectations
  • Documenting the plan: score card for the content of a strategic plan and a business plan

Key Program Take-Aways

  • How to develop a strategic plan, business plan, functional plan and situation analysis
  • How to apply strategic thinking to your business challenges
  • How to separate strategic issues from nonstrategic issues
  • How to combine personal expertise and strategic thinking abilities with planning process
  • How to balance external opportunities and threats with internal realities
  • Build team consensus from understanding
  • Clearly define your personal role in strategy implementation
  • How to test strategy to ensure successful outcomes

Course content details

3 days

Strategic Management

  1. Scanning the Situation

Goal: Draft the Situation Analysis

Data Gathering

  • The situation analysis process
  • Concepts and history
  • Strategic thinking
  • The strategy framework
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Customer and competitor analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Current state analysis
  • Case Study Exercises

  • Identifying the appetite for change

  • Identifying critical external factors that impact strategy

  • Describing current internal state

  1. Preparing for Change

Goal: Draft the Strategic Plan

Issue Identification

  • The strategic planning process
  • The difference between strategic planning and situation analysis
  • Ranking external factors
  • Strategic issues identification
  • Issue resolution techniques
  • Scenario building
  • The impact of the strategic issue
  • Identifying assumptions
  • Content of the strategic plan
  • Communicating the plan
  • Strategic vs. business plans

Case Study Exercises

  • Nominal group technique
  • Cross-impact analysis
  • Issue drafting
  1. Implementing Action

Goal: Draft the Business Plan

Strategy Selection

  • The business planning process
  • Separating people issues and strategy issues
  • Aligning to the strategic plan
  • Four categories of expectations
  • Identifying expectations
  • Expectations impact analysis
  • The business plan strategic issue
  • Implementing planning

Case Study Exercises

  • Expectations analysis
  • Cross impact analysis
  • Strategy testing
  • Implementing planning

Who should attend

This seminar will benefit any manager or executive…

  • With concerns about how strategy is effectively developed, communicated and implemented
  • Facing the challenge of developing a strategic plan or business plan or functional plan
  • Looking for ways to build consensus and commitment on required action
  • Effectively developing and understanding and buy-in for changed strategy


Biography Alan is a recognized expert and consultant on strategy planning and communication, having taught thousands of managers since 1992. He is the author of The Alpha Strategies, Understanding Strategy, Risk, and Values in Any Organization. Alan is a lawyer by training and Honour Roll Member...


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