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University of Houston-Clear Lake

Strategic Hiring and Appraisal Feedback

Next dates

Aug 9—23
2 days
Houston, Texas, United States
USD 850
USD 425 per day


The key to success in any organization rests on the ability of its mangers and leaders to effectively recruit, develop, engage and retain employees and staff. Often times managers and leaders are expected to know “how to” do it all at the time they are given the responsibility of leading, guiding, growing, and developing others.

This course provides real world tools and resources to equip, even the most seasoned managers and leaders, to be successfully in today's workforce landscape when hiring and ensuring positive performance behaviors and outcomes.

Target Areas of Knowledge

  • Hiring and candidate search processes
  • Interviewing best practices
  • Talent Management
  • Managing performance behaviors
  • Dealing with unsatisfactory employee performance
  • Employee engagement strategies to promote individual and organizational success
  • Employee development and succession planning
  • Employee retention strategies

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to identify, develop and manage a successful job search
  • Awareness and application of talent management strategies and best practices
  • Tools and resources to be engaged when managing positive, as well as, ineffective performance behaviors
  • Successfully develop and utilize performance/appraisal strategies
  • Strategies for developing an engaged workforce
  • Ability to address talent/skill gaps and needs within an organization
  • Development of succession planning and organizational assessment

Who should attend

Aspiring or newly promoted supervisors, process and production supervisors, front-line supervisors, and experienced supervisors who wish to gain knowledge, information and resources to be an effective leader and supervisor in today's diverse work environment.

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