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About the course

Improve the quality of strategic decision-making through improved thinking and influencing skills.

Successful business strategies are enabled by impactful decisions. Although business leaders and knowledge workers are normally well equipped with strategy formulation and execution skills, few dedicate time to develop the thinking and interpersonal skills for optimal strategic decision-making. This programme will provide you with new insights into your personal approach to decision-making and enable you to develop the thinking and influencing skills required for effective strategic decisions, especially when faced with complex or ambiguous situations.

How you will benefit:

At the end of the programme, from an applied psychology and behavioural economics perspective you will:

  • Gain insight on how to assess the quality of decisions and what criteria should be used when evaluating options;
  • Understand the enablers of strategic leadership decisions and the leadership skills required for effective choice;
  • Understand your personal decision-making style (behaviours, approach and preferences) through the SLDM-Behavioural Indicator (Lew, 2017) and from that, discover how to overcome personal mistakes and shortfalls;
  • Learn how to balance rational and emotional processes that enable choice;
  • Reconsider the heuristics that enable decisions and the biases that impede good results;
  • Begin to master the interpersonal elements of boardroom decisions;
  • Understand how to make decisions in contexts of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity;
  • In addition to systems thinking, learn how to make use of creative thinking skills for better strategy development; and
  • Formulate a development plan for improved strategic decision-making.

Key focus areas:

  • The quality of decisions and decision processes;
  • An emerging concept of strategic leadership decision-making and personal decision-making behavioural styles;
  • Overcoming bias and using heuristics in decision-making;
  • The balance of rational, emotional and intuitive processes for strategic outcomes;
  • Influencing skills supportive of strategic decision-making in business;
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making in complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity;
  • The use of convergent and divergent thinking for setting strategic direction; and
  • Compiling a strategic decision-making development plan.

Who should attend

  • Business leaders (executives, divisional heads and functional heads) as well as senior managers and knowledge workers who are responsible for setting direction for companies, units or teams; and
  • The programme is not aimed at those who want to learn to design strategy, but instead those who would like to improve their own thinking and influencing skills as building blocks of strategic decision-making.

Trust the experts

Charlene Lew

Profile Dr. Charlene Lew is a Senior Lecturer at GIBS and Head of the GIBS Faculty Network. She teaches on the MBA and custom programmes in the areas of Strategic Leadership Decision-Making, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Design and related subjects for instance Leading Change, Perform...


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