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Strategic Decision Making and Critical Reasoning (Leadership)

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About the course

Leaders are consistently charged with developing winning strategies and making high stakes decisions, but most are unaware of the cognitive biases and powerful emotions that often undermine strategic decision-making and critical reasoning. What’s more is that career success is often linked to competency in sound decision making. By identifying the most common biases, pitfalls and distortions in strategic decision making and critical reasoning along with the preventative and proactive measures associated with sound decision making, you will be equipped to successfully address high-stakes business challenges.


  • Understand typical decision traps
  • Understand the core elements of individual and group reasoning
  • Increase ability to identify unconscious bias via role playing and personal assessment
  • Learn how to balance constructive conflict and collaboration to enhance decision-making
  • Improve decision process through a “decision register” to uncover factors that make your decision process vulnerable
  • Learn to manage technical and commercial risk and uncertainty, and project evaluation
  • Learn to make good decisions under pressure
  • Brand yourself, your team, and your organization as sound decision makers

Who should attend

This two-day course is for leaders at all levels.

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Vikas Mittal

Dr. Vikas Mittal is the J. Hugh Liedtke Professor of Marketing at the Jones Graduate School of Business. Prior to joining Jones, he was the Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing at the Katz Graduate School of Management. Dr. Mittal holds a Bachelor''s in Business Administration from the Universi...


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