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Carey Business School

Strategic Conflict Management

Nov 5—6, 2019
2 days
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
USD 3200
USD 1600 per day

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Conflicts are an unavoidable feature of organizational life. When handled poorly, they may fester or explode, but they will not disappear. When handled well, conflict can unify organizations, promote strategic change, and unlock human potential. In this dynamic, interactive course, students will examine the roots of conflict – from disagreements around the watercooler to large scale organizational upheaval—and hone research-backed techniques for managing conflict.

All conflicts, regardless of size or complexity, are experienced and maintained through person-to-person interaction. Thus, the bulk of the course will focus on understanding the roots of disagreement between individuals. Students will sharpen their skills for handling a variety of conflicts (including those between co-workers, managers and employees, and organizations and stakeholders). Lessons learned will then be “scaled up” to inform students’ understanding of conflicts at the broadest institutional level, which have the power to shape organizations’ long-term outcomes for better or for worse.

Who should attend

This seminar serves individuals at all career stages as well as rising managers who want to improve their conflict management performance and outcomes. Participants with the following areas of expertise may particularly benefit from this course: sales and marketing, planning and development, real-estate management, arbitration, mediation, supply-chain management, general management and human resource management.


Areas of Interest: , Organizational Behavior,, Ethical Leadership,, Managing Conflict Biography Erik Helzer, PhD (Cornell University) is an Assistant Professor in the research track at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School from 2014. His research focuses on moral character, ethical beha...


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Detailed Description