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Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education

Available dates

Nov 28—29, 2019
2 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 2760 ≈USD 3582
GBP 1380 per day
Mar 26—27, 2020
2 days
Cambridge, United Kingdom
GBP 2760 ≈USD 3582
GBP 1380 per day


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About the course

Strategic renewal and change is a constant necessity and reality of a successful organisation Strategic change within an organisation can be triggered from a variety of internal and external factors. In its simplest form, strategic change can be driven by deepening of an existing strategy. Even though the strategy stays the same, this seemingly simple deepening can cause disruption to other parts of the business as there will be a need to create, modify or discard existing competencies.

More complex cases of strategic change and renewal are triggered by diversification into new product categories, geographical expansion into new markets, growth initiatives, and industry disruption by shifts in technology, changing customer preferences and competitive dynamics. All of these demand major changes in a company’s relationships and capabilities and can quickly expose the boundaries of a successful strategy.

How can an organisation face these strategic changes and sustain advantage? How does an organisation identify alternative paths of change and renewal and decide on the right path? How does the organisation recognise and address the implementation challenges that come with the change? And how can the organisation keep the culture and values balance in the face of this change?

This two-day programme aims to help you design strategic renewal and change initiatives that will boost the organisations competitiveness and profitability. You will learn how to develop a strategic renewal plan that maps the reconfiguration of capabilities and key activities, with a close focus on the implementation of these challenges.

The programme is interactive, with discussions around real life examples combined with practical exercises that will help you to develop a framework for renewal and change in your own organisation or business unit. The programme iteratively moves between class discussion, small group brainstorming, and coaching and individual work on the renewal plan. In building your renewal plan, you will benefit from inputs from your participants and professor in multiple rounds. Thus, the programme makes the best of the diverse ideas and experiences in the classroom.


  • What is a strategy
  • Understanding when strategic change or renewal is essential
  • Calculating how much resource and capability reconfiguration will be needed
  • Assessing alternative paths of renewal
  • Creating a personal and actionable strategic renewal business plan to capture the changes in value proposition, capability and key processes
  • Anticipating implementation challenges and factoring potential solutions into your plan
  • “Selling-in” your plan.


By the end of this two-day programme, you will have:

  • Developed a strategic renewal plan that maps and explains the reconfiguration of resources and capabilities, key activities and processes
  • Benefitted from the interactive nature of the programme: with discussions around real life examples combined with practical exercises, small group brainstorming and coaching
  • Addressed practical challenges with your own strategic change plan
  • Understood, and be able to articulate to others, when and why strategic change is needed.

Who should attend

  • Senior to mid-level leaders across all sectors tasked with the strategic direction of their organisation
  • Leaders looking to respond to industry change or to deepen their existing strategy
  • Strategy Directors looking to increase their skills and capabilities
  • Business development managers and consulting directors from all industries.

Trust the experts

Jennifer Howard Grenville

Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies Director of the Doctoral Programme BSc (Queen''s University), MA (University of Oxford), PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Research interests Organisational and social change processes; business strategies for environmental sustainability; i...


Yasemin Kor

Beckwith Professor of Management Studies BS (Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi), MBA, PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Research interests Strategy formulation and renewal; CEO and executive team competencies (human and social capital); corporate governance (board of directors). ...


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Strategic Change and Renewal

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