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Wisconsin School of Business

Stop Waiting for the cat to Bark: Moving Owners to Action

Nov 20, 2019
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
USD 50
USD 50 per day

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Advisors to business owners often say, “I should get a fee for counseling services”. This sentiment reflects the common experience that the exit/transition process is at its core, a profoundly emotional event. The tangible result of the owner’s emotional angst is often resistance, self-sabotage, deal failure, and the destruction of wealth and legacy. This phenomenon is not new, but there is very little accessible research and knowledge to help advisors navigate the waters of owner psychology. As a result, many advisors are interacting with owners in ways that are the equivalent of waiting for the cat to sit, stay, roll over, and bark.

Dr. Taylor’s PhD based research and work with owners across the country provides advisors with fresh insights into the mind of the owner. On a very practical level we will discuss how these insights can help the advisor increase the potential for moving owners to action and increase their ROI at the same time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and how they may negatively impact the owner’s transition process
  • Learn how to work with an owners resistance rather than against it
  • Understand the key behaviors that are critical to determining an owner’s inclination to exit successfully
  • Learn how to increase deal and client ROI by focusing on the right owners at the right time


  • 8:00 am Check-in and Continental Breakfast
  • 8:15 am Welcome and Introductions
  • 8:30 – 10 am Program

Who should attend

Anyone who works with family owned businesses as a service provider or advisor on financial and legal issues related to exit/transition planning. Anyone who advises family businesses on key business decisions and would like a better understanding of their clients.

Attorney, Accountant, Financial Advisor, Investment advisor, Banker, Family office executive, etc.


Business Psychologist & Trusted Leadership Advisor: I help successful middle market owners and their management teams identify and overcome inherent transition barriers that derail success. Built on the fundamental insight that the greatness of a firm will be directly proportional to the grea...

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Nov 20, 2019
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
USD 50
USD 50 per day

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