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Step Into Impact

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Dec 4—6
3 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 1150
USD 383 per day


Taking your private sector skills and experience and applying them to a social impact effort can be incredibly fulfilling and drive real outcomes. Whether you’re hoping to transition your career, dedicate pro bono or volunteer time, engage in impact investing, launch a social startup, or become a board member, you’ll need to understand the landscape and possibilities across the realm of social impact.

This two-day executive education program will introduce you to the social sector, from nonprofits to impact investing, sustainability, social enterprise and more. The program will provide a baseline understanding of the funding streams, mechanisms of impact, cutting-edge trends and opportunities, breadth of ways to engage and more. In addition, we will explore actionable paths towards applying your professional skills and experience in the impact sector, including complete career shifts, pro bono engagement, strategic volunteerism, philanthropy and investment opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Understand how to translate corporate skills to the nonprofit sector
  • Discover opportunities for engaging with causes important to you
  • Learn fundraising strategies that drive change in the nonprofit sector

Program Content

What is Social Impact?

  • Understand the definition and scope of impact work
  • Explore the various sub-sectors of impact work and the effect of social impact work on both the US and global economies

The Spectrum of Impact Organizations

  • Explore and understand the different types of impact organizations
  • Discuss the characteristics of the various impact organizations as well as the benefits and limitations to each

Funding Impact

  • Look at both new and traditional methods of funding impact from pure philanthropic models to earned revenue models to strategic impact investing
  • Explore and understand who is funding impact and their motivations

Finding Your Why

  • Explore and identify your personal values and their connection to your role in social impact

Transferring Your Skills for Impact

  • Introduce the range of ways people can use their professional skills, experience and networks to engage in social impact
  • Create a personal roadmap for getting started in the social impact sector
  • Participate in individual speed-coaching sessions to further hone your personal roadmap

Who should attend

  • Leaders considering a career transition from the corporate sector to the social impact sector
  • Anyone wishing to engage as a volunteer, on a pro bono basis, as a board member or donor
  • Professionals interested in engaging in impact investing or in support of social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship
  • Those with some knowledge of the nonprofit or social sectors and seeking a broader understanding
  • Forward-thinking business and private sector leaders interested in weaving social impact into their work and life


Michelle Buck is Clinical Professor of Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  She has previously served as the School's first Director of Leadership Initiatives from 2006 to 2013, designing and coordinating opportunities for personal leadership development to ...
Megan Kashner is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Kellogg's Public-Private Interface and Director of Social Impact. Kashner comes to Kellogg from an extensive career in the impact sector, most recently as the Founder of Benevolent, a philanthropic platform that invites donors to step in and fill...
Tasha Seitz, Adjunct Lecturer of Global Initiatives in Management, received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1997. She is an accomplished investment and business professional with significant experience investing in technology and social entrepreneurs, helping emerging com...
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