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"start With no" - Negotiation Training

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About the course

Negotiation management skills are perhaps the most important professional competency for any executive. Unfortunately, they are also the most widely neglected. Why is that? Fear, particularly the fear of failure and rejection, convinces all of us to behave and perform at suboptimal levels. Instead of maximizing results, we often times make poor decisions leading to unnecessary compromise. This 2 ½ day course (formely "Systematic decision-based negotiation") run by one of the world’s pre-eminent experts on negotiations and based on the proprietary Camp System© gives you the means to methodically control your emotions, so you can focus on the activities and behaviours responsible for top-flight performance. You will love the confidence and newfound calmness no matter how complex or challenging the negotiation, one decision at a time.

Day 1: Mindset, Mission and Purpose

Section 1: Mindset

Contrary to the status quo, the Camp System of negotiation does not hold stock in the theory of “win-win”. Known as the contrarian perspective, this section asks you to consider, what is truly “REQUIRED” in order for a negotiation to take place? Is compromise required? Is power and leverage? What really gives you the authority in negotiation? How can you reduce your feelings of vulnerability no matter who you’re negotiating with?

Topics include:

  • Flawed Mindsets and how they lead to bad agreements
  • The Six Characteristics of the professional negotiator
  • The Four reasons people say “No”
  • Principles vs. Tactics and how systems keep us safe

Section 2: Mission and Purpose

In this section, you will learn how to change your focus. Most negotiators are so concerned about their own interests, they miss the opportunity to spend time answering the questions, “what are we going to provide the other party, and how will we provide it?” Or even worse, we make the assumption it goes without saying and never ask for confirmation and validation. Mission and Purpose empower us to ask for every decision throughout the life of the engagement. Without it, we’re guessing and potentially leaving money on the table.

Topics include:

  • Success comes from this foundation
  • What makes a Mission and Purpose statement Valid
  • How can you build your mission and purpose statement
  • How do you create vision and identify the right agenda for each engagement throughout the life of the negotation

Day 2: Behaviour and System Structure

Section 1: Behaviors

How do you identify what to say, and how to say it? The negotiator's ability to communicate effectively, even in the most contentious or high stakes negotiation, can make all the difference in the world. The behavioural skill sets in this section are designed to keep you safe while uncovering the motivations and challenges the other party wishes to solve. How to ask the right question at the right time is habitual amongst the finest negotiators in the world.

Topics include:

  • Help people feel safe, respected, and open to communicate with clarity
  • Your response to difficult questions and aggressive statements
  • Which type of question should you be asking, and when
  • How to bring emotions back to neutral

Section 2: System Structure

In this section we bring everything together and help you master the discipline of preparing, executing, and debriefing using the Camp System’s proprietary Checklist and Log process. Depending on what we already know, or more importantly don’t know, there are ways of identifying and setting the right agenda. The negotiator’s ability to identify what we want from each engagement, is both critical and necessary to reach optimal outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Elements for debriefing - why its important not to skip this step
  • The most difficult negotiation is always the internal one – how the system ensures and protects healthy collaboration
  • Elements for preparation - put these in order and feel your confidence grow
  • Scripting and Reacting - Where neuroscience and art come together

Day 3

Case Studies I, II and III.

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Derek Blazensky

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Todd Camp

Since 2001 Todd Camp has been providing negotiation training and coaching with executive teams, managers, and frontline negotiators in the Camp System of Negotiation, the leading method in negotiation training, established by the late Jim Camp, author of the global bestseller “Start with No”. As ...


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