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Star Negotiator

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Next dates

May 28—29
2 days
SGD 1391 ≈USD 1025
SGD 695 per day
Oct 1—2
2 days
SGD 1391 ≈USD 1025
SGD 695 per day


Global best practices applied to your negotiations


In today’s global reality, we must be savvy in preparing and conducting negotiations with people from all cultures and corners of the world. Mastering the give and take, and the range of negotiation issues is key. This allows us to create optimal outcomes in sales, procurement and trade, to compete and win in the global economy. This international programme has run in over 50 countries, offering a toolbox of skills, tactics, methods and the unique NegotiatorCPA� web-based content preparation app, to apply in your own situations.

Benefits to You

Business Outcome

Mastering negotiation increases revenues, decreases costs and improves value for money through improved sales and procurement negotiations. You will also improve the coordination, efficiency and effectiveness of your negotiations by leveraging your organisation’s knowledge of its past negotiations, by knowing at the touch of a button, the contents of previous negotiations, the terms sheets used, who got what, the concessions made and more.

Learning Outcome

•Learn attributes of a Star Negotiator (dialogue, tactics, information, people, situation)

•Learn to prepare the content, people and process of a live negotiation

•Practice live negotiations and receive personal feedback on areas done well or to improve on to become a Star Negotiator

•Learn your own strengths and weaknesses in negotiation and which tactics to help you get more and surrender less

Programme Outline

• Attributes of Star Negotiators

• Linking your motivational style and your negotiation strengths and weaknesses

• Preparing for Negotiation:

o Content - NegotiatorCPA©

o People - Likes, dislikes, how to negotiate with tough or nice negotiators

o Process - Handling deadlocks and difficult situations, how to change in difficult negotiations

• Negotiation Best Practices - Capture and apply

• Negotiation Game – Handling multi-party multi-issue negotiations

• Negotiation Practices:

o Buying/Selling to refresh Negotiation Best Practices

o Sharing of participants’ own live negotiation situations

o Improving the ability to manage content and people in a negotiation

o Putting it all together to get what we want: content, people and process

o Additional Best Practices based on actual issues raised by participants through their live practice and case sharing

As part of the training and learning during this programme, photography and/or video recording of participants in action will be done by participants using their smartphones and shared where applicable in pairs, during the debrief.

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

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