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Who should attend

  • Business Intelligence, Database and Data Warehousing Professionals
  • Software and ETL Developers

What are the prerequisites for taking up this SSIS online training course?

There are no prerequisites for taking up this training course.

About the course

Enroll today for Intellipaat SSIS certification training and gain proficiency in all concepts of SQL Server Integration Services!

About SSIS Certification Training Course

This SSIS training equips you with skills needed to work with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for Business Intelligence. It involves working on data extraction, integration and transformation to align with business needs. This SSIS online training will make you proficient in gathering data from flat files, XML and relational data sources.

What will you learn in this SSIS training course?

  • Importance of data integration process
  • Introduction to ETL and data warehousing concepts
  • Data cleansing and profiling for improving data quality
  • Connecting to a data source with Connection Managers
  • Data transformation, PIVOT and UNPIVOT transformation
  • Characteristics of SCD and various SCD types
  • Constructing SSIS packages and package configuration
  • Constraints and event handlers in SSIS
  • SSIS object model automation

Why should you take up this SSIS online training course?

The MSBI SSIS is a powerful data integration service to work on huge volumes of data and convert it into a manner that is easy to analyze. So, this SSIS training will help you get the complete understanding of how the tool works and what the best practices deployed in the real-world industrial scenario are. Upon the completion of the training, you can clear the Microsoft certification to grab the best jobs in the market.

MSBI SSIS Course Content

  • What is BI?

Introduction to Business Intelligence, understanding the concept of Data Modeling, Data Cleaning, learning about Data Analysis, Data Representation, Data Transformation.

  • ETL Overview

Introduction to ETL, the various steps involved Extract, Transform, Load, using a user’s email ID to read a flat file, extracting the User ID from email ID, loading the data into a database table.

  • Working with Connection Managers

Introduction to Connection Managers – logical representation of a connection, the various types of Connection Managers – Flat file, database, understanding how to load faster with OLE DB, comparing the performance of OLE DB and, learning about Bulk Insert, working with Excel Connection Managers and identifying the problems.

  • Data Transformations

Learning what is Data Transformation, converting data from one format to another, understanding the concepts of Character Map, Data Column and Copy Column Transformation, import and export column transformation, script and OLEDB Command Transformation, understanding row sampling, aggregate and sort transformation, percentage and row sampling.

  • Advance Data Transformation

Understanding Pivot and UnPivot Transformation, understanding Audit and Row Count Transformation, working with Split and Join Transformation, studying Lookup and Cache Transformation, Integrating with Azure Analysis Services, elastic nature of MSBI to integrate with the Azure cloud service, scale out deployment option for MSBI, working with cloud-borne data sources and query analysis. Scaling out the SSIS package, deploying for tighter windows, working with larger amount of data sources, SQL Server vNext for enhancing SQL Server features, more choice of development languages and data types both on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Slowly Changing Dimensions

Understanding data that slowly changes over time, learning the process of how new data is written over old data, best practices.Detail explanation of three types of SCDs –Type1, Type2 and Type3, and their differences.

  • Overview of Fuzzy Look-up Transformation and Lookup and Term Extraction

Understanding how Fuzzy Lookup Transformation varies from Lookup Transformation, the concept of Fuzzy matching,

  • Concepts of Logging & Configuration

Learning about error rows configuration, package logging, defining package configuration, understanding constraints and event handlers.


What projects I will be working on this SSIS training?

Project 1 : Configuration and Logging

Industry : General

Problem Statement : How to integrate data from multiple sources into the SQL Server

Topics : In this SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) project you will extensively work on multiple data from heterogeneous source into SQL Server. As part of the project you will learn to clean and standardize data and automate the administrative work. Some of the tasks that you will be performing are adding logs to SSIS package, configuration and saving it to an XML file. Upon completion of the project you will have hands-on experience in handling constraints, error row configuration and event handlers.

Highlight :

  • Integrate data from heterogeneous sources
  • Working with Connection Manager
  • Deploying data modeling

MSBI SSIS Certification

This course is designed for clearing the MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification Exam conducted by Microsoft.

At the end of the course, there will be a quiz and project assignments. Once you complete them, you will be awarded with Intellipaat Course Completion Certificate.

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Ssis Certification Training at IntelliPaat

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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