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University of Houston-Clear Lake

Specification Development and Statements of Work

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About the course

The essence of a good purchase often comes from the genesis of a good customer statement of requirements. It is the customers job to properly communicate to the purchasing their needs and requirements, however, at times purchasers must help the customers to better articulate the requirement into a specification. This will improve the quality of the solicitation to ensure the company receives a best value solution for the satisfaction of the customers need. A good quality specification can be beneficial for the ordering of material items, commodities, specific equipment, trades or professional services, IT hardware and software and on construction/remodeling projects. Good well-established requirements can ensure a project comes in on time, minimizes change orders and schedule delays and satisfies specified requirements.

In this session the participants will:

Learn the origin of specifications and statement of work

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of developing good specifications,

Help minimize the risks associated with poorly developed requirements

Learn the ten primary types of specification and when to use them

Understand why it is a best practice to have a company specific set of commonly employed specifications

Understand the four primary types of statement of work and when to utilize them

Create a comparison matrix of the four SOW's and when to utilize them for value

Learn how to guarantee your customers the SOW which can guarantee them a 100% satisfaction index

Review a developed SOW to critique for ways to better enhance attaining the customer's requirement.

Who should attend

New buyers, sales representatives, sales managers, supply chain managers, department managers, category managers, warehouse supervisors, contract managers, operations managers and other general managers and supervisors.

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William Agee

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