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Solving Complex Problems - a Systems Thinking Approach

Available dates

Dec 9—10, 2019
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 824
SGD 561 per day
Apr 27—28, 2020
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 824
SGD 561 per day
Sep 17—18, 2020
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 824
SGD 561 per day
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About the course


In todays world characterised by complexity and uncertainty, organisations face a multitude of issues, all of which are complex and inter-connected. The issues are aggravated by a poor appreciation of the whole situation – much like 4 blind men each feeling a part of an elephant. As a result, What is the real problem? becomes a common refrain at senior management.

This programme introduces an approach to managing complexity using Systems Thinking. It enables the participants to appreciate the BIG picture and the inter-connections between the subsystems. The participants will gain an insight into separating symptoms from real causes, and find high leverage points to implement effective solutions.

Benefits to You

Business Outcome(s)

Through this programme, participants will increase their problem solving capability, thereby bringing long-lasting efficiency and improvement at the workplace. In addition, the ability to appreciate the big picture enables them to formulate strategies, leading to aligned effort, less wastage, and ultimately improved revenue and profit margins.

Learning Outcomes

This programme enables the participants to:

  • Analyse an issue in terms of components and their inter-connections
  • Synthesise perspectives from different stakeholders into a coherent picture
  • Assess the situation with a systems-level perspective
  • Identify the symptoms, root cause and consequences of a complex issue
  • Resolve the complex issue by creating or identifying new paradigm, new mindset, new leverage points and/or new action

Programme Outline

The 2-day programme comprises:

  • Overview and concept of complexity – the Beer Game
  • Concept of Systems Thinking and its application
  • What is the real problem? - Separating symptom from root cause
  • What is causing the problem? - Appreciating the underlying structures
  • Identifying leverage
  • Consolidating and application tips

Who should attend

Level 3 - New Managers

Level 4 - Managers &

Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors - who deal with complex issues that seems never to go away no matter what has been tried and who face problems with multiple facets and perspectives.

Trust the experts

Tan Hong Wee

Tan Hong Wee is an organisation development consultant who specialises in Systems Thinking. He has delivered application and education workshops for Singapore Armed Forces, MCYS, Renci Community Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, DSO National Laboratories and AVA. He believes in workshops that ar...


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