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About the course

SMART is coming. Are you and your department ready?

Participants will do a deep dive into trends in SMART City framework, design and management and gain a comprehensive overview of all the elements and dimensions which must be considered and managed in order to move to a successful SMART future in their municipality. They will also explore a number of successful domestic and international SMART initiatives and gain unique insights through discussion of their complexities with the very creators of those projects.

What You Will Learn

  • The new world of integration: how to be SMART
  • SMART business processes: the new world of SMART economics
  • Platform service delivery models: the future of municipal services
  • Disruptive technologies and their Effects on SMART economics
  • The art of the possible (from a realist’s perspective)
  • Consultants, techies and scientists: the nature of SMART partnerships
  • Practical insights from top-flight project managers and visionaries
  • Integrating SMART approaches into current workflows and project designs

An Effective Blended Learning Approach: In-class + Online Components

Enjoy both the benefits of learning and working with your peers in-class, and the convenience of online webinars which you can attend from the comfort of your home or office.

A One-of-a Kind SMART Implementation Primer:

  • Explore current thought trends in SMART design and management
  • Investigate innovative ways to engage stakeholders in the technical, scientific, and business marketplaces
  • Enhance your understanding of the issues related to security, open data, and transparency
  • Study successful international SMART projects with their creators
  • Prepare and submit a report to your senior management detailing a project or initiative that could benefit from the inclusion of SMART principles

Work on Your Own Personalized SMART Initiative Recommendation Report

With feedback from an instructor, participants will apply their new knowledge and skills by preparing a researched report for submission to their direct supervisor.

The report will be a roadmap to implementation, recommending a SMART alteration, improvement or fundamental conceptualization of a municipal project or initiative in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, or prime for future development and growth.


The World of SMART Innovation

The New World of Integration – How to be SMART

  • New vs. old ways of thinking
  • Integrated thinking/systemic agility
  • Process and policy changes for integration
  • Culture change for integration
  • Parameters of success

The New World of SMART economics

  • People and planning
  • Governance
  • Economics and business models
  • SMART Infrastructure
  • Data as currency: evidence and evaluation

Consultants, Techies and Scientists – The Mechanics of SMART Partnerships

  • Planning and team composition
  • Scoping the project/pilot/phase
  • Public engagement
  • Procurement
  • Partnerships
  • Technology
  • Monitoring

The SMART Community experience – Where Success Leads

  • Partners and contributors
  • City’s role in fostering SMART communities
  • Policy, partnership and governance frameworks

Standards of Excellence from Across the Country and Around the World

Innovations, Integration and Solutions from New Zealand

  • Stories of development, proposals, partnerships, challenges and eventual successes related to two prominent programs in Wellington

Where the Rubber Hits the Road – Lessons Learned from SMART Trenches

  • Leading change = changing culture
  • Establishing a sense of urgency
  • Empowering others to act on a SMART vision
  • Planning for and creating short-term wins
  • Monitoring progress
  • Creating permanence: making it last

Innovations, Integration and Solutions from Abroad

  • Learn from the integration and innovation demonstrated by novel and successful SMART initiatives from abroad
  • Share ideas with internationally steeped industry leaders
  • Integrate international insights into your personal project plans

SMART Outcomes for SMART Communities

Building and Selling the SMART Roadmap

  • Current to future state roadmap
  • Budget and governance
  • Growth/scalability and ROI
  • Program and project scope
  • Talent required and selling your strategy

Systemic Security and the Protection of Privacy in the World of Big Data

  • Implement the notions of Privacy by Design at the base of project flows
  • Learn about cutting edge practices and conventions that keep your municipality safe
  • Resolve the conflicting nature of corporate security and systemic efficiency

SMART Citizen-Centered Service

  • The changing expectations of citizen
  • Managing for improved performance and less risk
  • Security considerations of open data
  • Enhancing the political will of Council

Presentation of Final Reports, Debrief and Graduation Luncheon

Who should attend

The program is designed for any municipal leader who is concerned with innovation and creativity, and wants a thorough understanding of what’s required to prepare for and successfully implement SMART initiatives, including:

  • Directors and department managers of IT, Data Management, Internal Services, Planning, Business Management, Procurement, and Customer Service
  • Managers and Project Managers overseeing projects and departments that would pursue SMART initiatives or that could immediately benefit from such inputs.
  • Directors of Communications, Council Relations Managers, Media Managers and other professionals responsible for public relations and community interface

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