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University of Houston-Clear Lake

Skillfully Managing Change and Conflict

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Next dates

Oct 4—18
2 days
Houston, Texas, United States
USD 850
USD 425 per day


If there is a constant that all managers, leaders and organizations must address, it is change. How one skillfully manages change and conflict will directly impact the overall organization and desired outcomes. In this class participants will be able to address change, what it means to them, and how to positively plan for a change initiative. Change does not exist in a vacuum, and often requires the ability to positively engage team members and entire organizations for a successful outcome. Manage or lead the change in ways that are not productive, and the culture and morale of individuals and organizations could negatively impacted. Effectively lead change processes and organizational goals and outcomes can be realized. With change often comes conflict. Paired with change, this course addresses how to tactfully and effectively address conflict. Strategies for conflict resolution will be addressed, and participants will be afforded the opportunity to walk through recent change or conflict experiences, with the ability to leave the class with relevant, real world solutions.

Target Areas of Knowledge

  • Defining change and change processes
  • Differentiating change arrival patterns
  • Managing change initiatives/projects
  • Strategies for communication and leading change
  • Sources of conflict
  • 5 approaches to conflict resolution
  • How to resolve conflict as a supervisor

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Personalization of change and ones change threshold
  • Ability to define the change and apply change theories
  • Engagement of change processes and models
  • Recognition of the needs of employees during change processes
  • Successful conflict resolution strategies
  • Ability for supervisors to successfully resolve team/organizational conflict

Who should attend

Aspiring or newly promoted supervisors, process and production supervisors, front-line supervisors, and experienced supervisors who wish to gain knowledge, information and resources to be an effective leader and supervisor in today's diverse work environment.

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