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About the course


High growth enterprises often face the challenge todevelop a strong middle management team to meet the demands of businessexpansion and seize opportunities for growth. This programme aims to strengthenthe knowledge and skills of high potential middle managers and equip them withthe necessary competencies to catalyst the growth of their enterprises.

This programme consists of 2 modules and requiresthe participants to submit a post-course project report at the end of themodules.

Module1 : Leadership Skills (2 days)

The first module helps these managers and/or highpotentials to reinforce and develop leadership skills in order to lead moreeffectively and make things happen.

Module2 : Managerial Skills (3 days)

The second module will equip them with managementstrategies and practices related to finance, marketing, and human capital.

Post-Course Project:

At the end of Module 1 & 2, participants are required to submit aproject report on how they have applied the competencies or lesson learned fromthe programme at their workplace.

Benefits to You

Business Outcome

This programme will equip participants with the perspectives and skills to work effectively across functions and cultures and will broaden their business expertise and strengthen their competence in key functional disciplines. It will also deepen ability to lead and follow mindfully, effectively and responsibly in a business world where volatility, uncertainty and pressure are the norm.

On your return to the office, you will be ready to make a difference and take on broader responsibilities for your organisational growth and sustenance.

Learning Outcome

Module 1 : Leadership Skills

Identify their MBTI preference and interact effectively with people;

Enhance ability to create value in their organisation;

Apply team concepts and motivating techniques and lead their teams topeak performance; and

Developthe skills that make things happen, get things unstuck and move things forward.

Module 2 : Managerial Skills

Obtain insights to functional business skills necessary for effectivemanagement and supervision;

Understand how financial management supports effective businessstrategy;

Gain better understanding of customer needs and how to develop andimplement effective marketing

Gain knowledge on effective people management skills and how to get thebest out of their human capital.

Programme Outline

Module1 : Leadership Skills


Self-Awareness through Workplace Big Five

Managing Time and Stress

The Art of Delegation

Listening with a Positive Mindset

Say What You Mean

Using Emotional IntelligenceEffectively


The Company’s Vision, Mission andValues

Developing and Articulating theVision

The SME Leader’s Role – Cascading theVision to others

Organisational Alignment

Turning Plans into Action using SWOTmodel

Conceptual competency

Leading and Motivating People to PeakPerformance

Setting SMARTER Goals

Follow- through of Ideas and seeResult

Presentationsof Development Plans

Participants deliver a shortpresentation on Lessons Learnt and Personal Plans of Action after this workshop.Each presentation will be 5-7 minutes duration

Module 2 : Managerial Skills

HumanResource Management

Evolution of business dynamics driving changes inHR practices

Evolution of the HR function

Understanding the Strategic Role of HR

Building the HR-Business Partnership

Marketing& Sales Management

Establish rapport and build trustfast

Create impact through askingintelligent questions that build credibility and move buyers’ thinking

Present your offering in adifferentiated, customer-focused way

Aligning Marketing with Sales

Win more business, retainclients/customers, and increase referrals


Using Zodiak experiential learningmethods and board game, participants will learn how to define and use commonfinancial terms such as assets, liabilities, equity and cash flow

Understand basic financial statementsand balance sheets

"What If" exercises willdemonstrate impact of price reductions on profits, additional sales required tomeet unbudgeted expenses, strategies to increase profitability

How strategic initiatives can impactthe bottom line and shareholder value


After completing Module 1 & 2,participants are required to submit a report on how they have applied thecompetencies or lessons learned from the programme at their workplace (e.g.improvement in leadership and management practices, better employee engagement and staff retention, improved productivity and bottom line, etc.). Thisproject is created for the participants to share best practices and a formjourney of self-discovery.


Follow-up on lessons learnt and reaffirm thepersonal development plans;

Share any success stories and experiences using thetools and concepts gained from the programme

Who should attend

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

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Michael P A Tan has more than 20 years of working experience in administration and human resource, training & development and training consultancy. Currently, he is Event Organiser for the Singapore Learning Circles Meetup. He specialises in personal enrichment programmes and organisational...


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Maxine is a tri-lingual corporate trainer, facilitator and speaker with a passion for colorfully impacting and inspiring lives™ . With over 20 years of training experience working with diverse teams across Asia, Maxine has a knack of turning complicated concepts into practical and highly engaging...


Kwok Hoe Choy

Mr Hoe Choy (HC) Kwok is an experienced practitioner with a successful track record of leading, designing and implementing L&OD solutions in MNCs across Asia. With its vast practical experience, he is well-placed to advise and guide participants to select, design & deliver the best L&...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.