Ships and Marine Ports Management

ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

ICTD International Centre for Training and Development


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Who should attend

  • Port Stakeholders Event Authority Directors and Executives
  • Terminal Management
  • Port Stakeholders including Municipal,
  • Provincial and Federal Government Officials
  • Shipping Company Agents
  • International Transportation Companies
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Maritime Lawyers, Insurers, Regulators
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Maritime Health and Safety, Security and
  • Environment Professionals
  • Dockyard, Navy, and Military Personnel
  • Coast Guard Officials
  • Intermodal, Global, and Marine Organizations
  • 3PLs

About the course

This course is designed to provide participants with professional education related to the transportation system and the operations of ports, vessels and marine terminals. The course covers rapidly changing regulations and requirements that affect ports, marine facilities, intermodal transportation providers, vessels, and a diverse range of service providers.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course the attendees will be able to:

  • Knowledge of the marine transportation system and operations
  • Port governance, port authorities and organizations
  • Recognizing types of vessels and their uses
  • Port and terminal management
  • Roles of port professionals
  • Managing communications, media, port and terminal administration
  • Emerging requirements and regulations that affect ports, marine facilities and vessels
  • Managing risks and threats in the port environment
  • The scope of port security and safety plans
  • Comparing various methods of cargo storage and handling
  • Examining harbour geography and aids to navigation
  • Preparing a strategic plan, master plan and business plan

Course Outline

The Worldwide Commercial Transportation System

  • The system in general
  • Common modes of travel
  • The intermodal route
  • Regulatory checkpoints
  • The logistics chain
  • The shipper
  • Freight forwarder/logistics planner
  • Transportation
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Consignee
  • Industry professionals- cargo
  • Ground transportation
  • Marine
  • Ships’ crews

The Port industry

  • The maritime industry
  • Most cost-effective
  • Shipping statistics
  • Transportation links
  • Ports and the logistics chain
  • Intermodal
  • The worldwide port industry

Port Governance And Management

  • The port collective
  • Public vs. private terminals
  • Port management organizations
  • Management – operation arrangements
  • Public port governance
  • Municipal ports
  • Public ownership increased when industry changes forced a shift from the private sector
  • Growth through necessity
  • Preservation for new public use
  • Most effective goal is to meet both public and private needs
  • Public vs. private management
  • Management considerations
  • Effective management

Maritime Terminal Operations

  • Marine terminal functions
  • Operational parameters and focus
  • Operational objectives
  • Cargo management
  • Ancillary activities
  • Terminal functionality
  • Vessel handling
  • Cargo handling vessel to/from terminal
  • Cargo handling cycle
  • Equipment
  • Cargo handling equipment
  • Gantry cranes
  • Mobile harbour cranes
  • Yard gantry cranes
  • Straddle carriers
  • Reach stackers
  • Top loaders
  • Spreaders
  • Yard hustlers
  • Computer based terminal operating systems
  • Outbound processing
  • Vehicle and cargo inspection system
  • Cargo storage
  • On dock rail
  • Marine terminal shore side operations
  • Port and vessel operations

Regulatory requirements and legal issues

  • Major requirements
  • International regulations
  • International obligations
  • Outgoing vessels
  • Incoming vessels
  • Legislation
  • Acts – general operations
  • Acts – security and shipping
  • Legislative process
  • Regulation and measures
  • General maritime regulations
  • Judicial impacts
  • Federal court
  • Where to be heard
  • Human Rights Commission
  • International
  • Cargo damage disputes
  • Disputes
  • Military cargoes
  • The enforcers
  • National transportation system restoration plan
  • Common legal issues

Safety and Security

  • Core efforts
  • Food and agricultural responsibility
  • Civilian and military treated similar
  • Inspections – inbound and outbound
  • Major focus applies to Port security and port security plans
  • Enforced by flag state regulatory agencies
  • Port security planning
  • Port security plans
  • Terminal and facility security plans
  • Marine terminal security plans
  • Vessel security plans
  • Port security plan application
  • Port and terminal safety plans
  • Causes of accidents
  • Safety regulations
  • How plans are developed
  • Integration into practice
  • Regulators

Business development and marketing

  • The success of a port is based on a diverse economic mix
  • Fundamentals
  • Business development
  • Development role
  • Success is based on best utilization of current assets
  • Utilization
  • Port planning and development
  • Planning principles
  • Community planning
  • Planning is the high altitude view
  • Incorporates reasonable investment
  • Requires stakeholder relationships
  • Must be customer satisfaction oriented
  • Is the result competitive and price sensitive
  • Utilizes targeted marketing
  • Marketing
  • Different than sales
  • Marketing foundations
  • Marketing tools
  • Cyberspace
  • Media
  • The personal relationship is a very effective marketing tool
  • Tracking your efforts
  • Questions to ask
  • Measurements

Course Methodology

A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

  • (30%) Based on Case Studies
  • (30%) Techniques
  • (30%) Role Play
  • (10%) Concepts
  • Pre-test and Post-test
  • Variety of Learning Methods
  • Lectures
  • Case Studies and Self Questionaires
  • Group Work
  • Discussion
  • Presentation

Videos and materials

Ships and Marine Ports Management at ICTD International Centre for Training and Development

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