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About the course

Are you a good negotiator?

How do you know? How can you know?

Each one of us has been negotiating since the time we first learned to speak. Through time, our negotiation approach and style has been shaped by our own experiences and personality. But even after all that practice we are often left with questions about how well we are doing. Could I have gotten more from the deal? Have I been taken advantage of? Will the deal last?

This training builds on your existing negotiation experience to improve your future performance. More specifically, it is designed to give you the tools to more effectively leverage your own negotiation experiences. We will give you the opportunity to step back and think about your assumptions and routine approaches to negotiations and to practice new approaches. You will improve your conceptual understanding of your own negotiations through the application of a practical framework and improved self-awareness.

No one is born a great negotiator. Negotiation skill is like athletic skill. You need to train to optimize your natural abilities. This course will provide you such training.

Course content

  • Key principles and conceptual frameworks to employ when preparing for and conducting negotiations
  • Creation of value and increased deal efficiency through the use of integrative negotiation tactics
  • Strengths and weaknesses of individual negotiation styles (strategic, psychological and emotional)
  • Challenges of intra and inter-organization negotiations
  • Identification and removal of barriers to agreement, establishment of trust, conflict de-escalation and resolution
  • Problems of team and multi-party negotiations

The sessions will be taught in a workshop fashion, allowing maximum interaction between the participants to create an active learning environment. Each presentation of new material will be supplemented by negotiation simulations, self-diagnostic tools or group work. You will be required to play an active role in your own learning and have the opportunity for significant cross-unit interaction.

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