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Security Measures Extend to A Resilient Security Culture (Cyber Governance)

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About the course

As technologies advance in the blink of an eye, organisations need to be ever-vigilant and updated with the entire gamut of the cyber security domain. Understanding potential threats, their context, readiness to counter, manage them and create a sustainable cybersecurity environment is the order of the day. It becomes imperative for cybersecurity experts to build a well-rounded skill set which includes intrusion detection, risk analysis and mitigation, security analysis, knowledge about the legal and compliance aspects and the latest advancements in technology.

Today, cyber security is the very heart of every business. Ensure corporate success by effectively managing the gamut of this domain. ISB’s Cyber Governance programme offers a holistic perspective of all aspects of cyber security. Designed in collaboration with the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub, this comprehensive programme will help you create relevant frameworks to fortify your organisation's data. The programme also explores latest technologies, risk management techniques, mitigating cyber security threats, cyber breach simulations and understanding the nature and scope of cyber criminality.

Key Learnings

  • Day 1 : Connect strategy with cyber security, identify and analyse risks and incidence response
  • Day 2 : Gain a clear understanding of disaster recovery, cyberattack counter-measures to ensure business continuity
  • Day 3 : Holistic understanding of cyber security governance, legal and compliance implications
  • Day 4: Best practices, emerging technologies and cyber breach simulation

Organisatonal Benefits

  • Draw effective strategies, identify and analyse cyber security risks to manage and protect the organisation from cyber threats
  • Assess your organisation’s risk potential and develop effective counter measures
  • Gain perspective of the entire cyber security domain
  • Garner knowledge regarding best practices and the latest technologies that drive cyber security

Individual Benefits

  • Evolve into the in-demand cyber security expert your organisation values
  • Bolster your organisaiton’s digital security through a holistic perspective of identification, risk analysis and incidence of cyber security threats
  • Get a hands-on knowledge about the legal and compliance aspects, technology advances that govern cyber security
  • Sharpen your skills as a cyber security expert with real case scenarios through cyber breach simulations

Who should attend

Executive and General Managers responsible for significant business units/departments within their company, leaders of key staff positions including CHROs, Chief Compliance & Governance Officers, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, Vigilance Officers and Cyber Security Heads.

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