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Nanyang Technological University Center for Continuing Education

Secret to Motivating Your Team

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About the course

Work motivation is timeless. It was an integral element for past successes. In the 21st century, it has become even more compelling to effectively tap on its potent force to accomplish much more. Organisations will never cease to explore ways to motivate the employees who will continue to stay and perform for them.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to motivate self or others to enhance performance and be happy.


This course is designed for working adults who desire to:

  • Understand the psychology of human motivations
  • Self motivate and motivate their team members and their colleagues.
  • Appreciate the environmental factors which motivate or demotivate and take steps to create the environment conducive for performance


What is motivation to me?

  • Motivation the way I see it

    • My definition
    • Other’s definition
    • The definition

My Work Environmental Demands

  • My Organisation in My Environment

    • The Expectations and Demands

My Motivation and Performance

  • My Motivators

    • The simple truth in ‘A RACE ON’
    • The simple techniques of the mind and body
  • My DeMotivators.

    • The simple truth in ‘A C ON’
    • The simple techniques of the mind and body

My Team’s Motivation and Performance

  • Team Motivators and DeMotivators.

    • The simple techniques of engagement

Scenarios and Cases

  • Motivation in Action

Method of delivery

Participants will learn through both individual reflections, paired-up role plays after demonstrations by the trainer, group activities and real-life caselets. The end of the course has been always the beginning of critical reflections & action plan for achieving the transfer of learning at the workplace.

Who should attend

Every performance driven staff

Trust the experts

John Ong

Dr John Ong has 20 years of corporate experience and had held various positions, ranging from key account management, channels training and development and Head of a Human Resource Consultancy Organisation. Dr John also has a B.Sc degree in Psychology from the Edith Cowan University, Australia a...


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