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IFF Training

School of Risk Management

Available dates

Nov 4—8, 2019
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5999 ≈USD 7717
GBP 1199 per day
May 11—15, 2020
1 day
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5999 ≈USD 7717
GBP 5999 per day


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About the course

Never has a course been more needed than this unique five-day immersive programme. The world of risk management continues to face some of the toughest operating challenges we’ve ever seen. The global financial world is constantly changing and along with it so does the face of risk management as we know it.

In recent years, many of the much relied upon practices and theories have been shown to be flawed by design and a new way of looking at “real-world” management has emerged.

As a result, risk managers have been investing heavily in improving their technical and practical skills in order to meet the challenges the markets and regulators continue to throw at them – you need to do the same.

Covering all facets of modern risk management from a practitioner’s perspective, this dynamic course will undoubtedly have a profound impact on your performance and your career as a highly sought after risk professional. In today’s increasingly challenging markets, the importance of training becomes ever more significant.

The IFF School of Risk Management represents a whole new approach to training. Through case study analysis, practical examples and hands-on workshops, this course will equip you with invaluable skills that will dramatically improve all aspects of your risk management knowledge, both in theory and in practice.

Covering all aspects of risk management, this course will have a profound impact on your performance in the market and your career as a whole.

  • The intensive five-day structure allows the inclusion of highly focused case-studies with a deep emphasis on practical applications
  • It is the only programme of its kind, providing a comprehensive coverage of the tools, techniques and strategies used within market, credit and operational risk
  • Taught by the world’s leading risk management experts, it will provide you with the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the business
  • It will provide you with the perfect synergy between theory and real-world application

How You Will Learn

Case studies and exercises ensure you make the transition from theory to practice with outstanding success

Practical workshops include: Calculation of factor sensitivities; Performing Cholesky decomposition; Value-at-Risk estimation for a simple portfolio; Calculation of sample credit risk exposures

Case studies include: What caused the Credit Crunch? – could it happen again?; Operational Risk events and classifications

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Andrew Street

Andrew Street was formerly Executive Director - Head of Arbitrage & prior to that, Director - Head of Equity & Commodity Derivatives at Mitsubishi Finance International (now bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi). He has been a senior financial regulator including being Head of Traded Risk at the Fin...


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