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Jun 8—12, 2020
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5399 ≈USD 7306
GBP 1079 per day


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About the course

Private equity continues to be a widely misunderstood asset class. Blamed by some for having helped to cause the financial crisis, but hailed by others as one of the most attractive investment opportunities in current conditions. Villain or hero? This course will help you decide. One thing is for sure, with over $600 billion having been raised by private equity funds worldwide even during the annus horribilis of 2008, this is an asset class with a secure longterm future.

Timing and knowledge are two of the key components to success in this ever fast moving sector. Developing cutting-edge knowledge of the latest market strategies and techniques is essential, especially if you want to realise the maximum possible returns from your investment. But how do you develop the practical knowledge now that has taken others many years to acquire? By spending five days with one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in the field of private equity.


Private equity has an important role to play as one of the key asset classes to which every investor will require significant exposure. This five-day intensive course will dispel many of the prejudices and misconceptions to which this much misunderstood asset class is subject. It will also present a balanced account of the objections currently being raised against private equity in the media.

The scope of the course is very much aimed at the practical aspects of private equity investing and is designed to provide a thorough guide for anyone looking to practice either at the LP (investor) or GP (manager) level. Targeted at private equity personnel around the world, it also represents a wonderful opportunity to network in a leisurely and relaxed setting.



Private Equity – the Context and Value Creation


Venture Capital


Valuation, Capital Structure and Debt Capacity


  • Private Equity, Buy-Out Structures and Sourcing
  • Funds


  • Due Diligence, Transaction Origination, Structuring,
  • Documentation and Exit Strategies


This intensive five day course is an extremely practical "how to" programme which focuses on all aspects of private equity. Topics covered include:

  • The core principles and major applications of PE
  • Valuation techniques that can be applied in PE
  • IPEV guidelines in valuing PE opportunities
  • Private equity investment strategies, such as:
    • leveraged buyouts
    • venture capital (early vs. late stage)
    • special situations (i.e. distressed)
    • mezzanine
    • secondary purchases
    • fund of funds
  • How PE funds are structured
  • How to originate transactions
  • The essential features of leveraged buyouts and how are they structured
  • The critical importance of due diligence in private equity deals and how to structure/manage the process
  • Key issues associated with transaction structuring and documentation
  • Issues in selecting alternative private equity exit strategies

How You Will Learn

This programme is not a conference delivering theories; it goes way beyond the boundaries of conventional training. It is an intensive total immersion training forum designed to equip you with practical tools that are invaluable in the market.

Case studies and exercises include: Developing relative valuation models to assess IVE; Calculating debt capacity of a company; Evaluating a buyout

Trust the experts

Roger Mills

Roger Mills is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading. For more than 20 years, he was Professor of Finance and Accounting at Henley Management College, now Henley Business School and, subsequently, a Professor Dr in the VU University, Amsterdam. Roger has a unique blend of academic ...


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