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Apr 20—24, 2020
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5999 ≈USD 7787
GBP 1199 per day


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About the course

Many think global financial markets are at a significant crossroads in 2018

The stock markets in the leading global economies are at a historical high and economic revival seems to be a key word of the moment. Financial market investors and observers are considering if this is the beginning of a new era in an extended financial bull market, or just an overbought potentially dangerous market phase. In Europe, the thematic - at least concerning the stock markets - is a little more laggard, given zero yields in much of the bond market and uncertain global leadership. The idea that interest rates might rise uncomfortably has taken a back seat as allocators are a little less focused.

Credit risk has all but disappeared from much of the world, areas in which credit risk used to be substantially real, such as the emerging markets, seemingly to be on a path of peace and safety. However, given the enormous allocations that have been made in these lower credit quality issuers globally and very low relative yields, observers are wary that things might break down. A few major bankruptcies of lower credit quality issuers globally may indeed foresee a much more difficult time for global bond investors. These key issues, however, given the difficulties and the potential fragility of financial markets makes the allocator’s role much more difficult. Added to all this are the issues of political volatility, which indeed can have a real meaningful impact. We are still waiting for the full impact of both Trump and Brexit.

Attending this intensive course will give participants a through grounding in financial markets, but more importantly, a clear understanding of the issues and impacts which may very well arise in near future. A clearer understanding of the forces accounting for market directions and ebbs and flows will give all participants more confidence and understanding in dealing with their day-to-day roles in the markets.


  • Key drivers in financial markets
  • Alpha, Beta and an introduction to investment statistics
  • Performance measurement and performance attribution
  • Drivers of global bond returns
  • Valuation of stocks, methods and results
  • Benchmarked or absolute return portfolio construction
  • Derivatives and investment management
  • Asset liability models and asset allocation styles
  • Global tactical asset allocation models and investor use
  • Risk measurement and risk management
  • New trends in investment management
  • Private equity and real estate


  • You will get to grips with the practicalities of cutting-edge investment management methodologies
  • The intensive nature of the course enables you to cover numerous highly-focused case studies with a particular emphasis on the practical applications
  • It is taught by a leading investment management practitioner and educator
  • It will provide you with the perfect balance between theory and practice, ensuring you return to work with all the tools you need to be an outstanding success

During this intensive five-day programme you will cover:

  • Modern portfolio theory and the evolution to post-modern portfolio management theory
  • Asset allocation principles and tactical asset allocation programs
  • Equity, bond and alternative investment management tools and techniques
  • Construction of an efficient equity portfolio in a world of volatile global markets
  • Secrets of “endowment style asset allocation” and their longer term top decile returns
  • Risk management and downside protection of investment portfolios
  • Newer asset classes coming mainstream: hedge funds, private equity, commodities and real estate investment as evolving asset classes

How You Will Learn

Practical case examples, hands-on workshops and 'real life' case studies will be used extensively to ensure your skills make the transition from theory to practice

NEW case studies and discussion sessions include: 2016 and historical equity level indications; Warren Buffet and his investment style; Option Strategy with Microsoft and Facebook; The endowment style asset allocation: Yale Investment Office Annual Report

We have added a new Discussion on the effects of current political uncertainty in Europe and the US on the financial markets – in particular the significance of Brexit and the US election.

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John E. Dunn III

John E. Dunn, III, BA, MA, MA, is an international Institutional Investment Advisor living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. Having begun his career in the international investment banking and asset management field in the early 1980s, he worked in a variety of world class banks including Nomur...


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