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School of International Capital Markets

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School of International Capital Markets Training Course

Next dates

Jun 14—19
6 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5399 ≈USD 6966
GBP 899 per day
Nov 25—29
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 5399 ≈USD 6966
GBP 1079 per day


The course examines each stage in the life of a business, from start up to major listed corporation, and analyses the opportunities available in the markets. Through a series of highly interactive case studies participants will gain a complete understanding of how the capital markets work from the perspectives of issuers, arrangers and investors.

  • A complete guide to the markets
  • Covers all the major markets, covers all the major products, covers all the major concepts
  • Intensive and practical with lots of exercises, case studies and group discussions
  • Excel workshops
  • Explains why deals are done and what drives the prices
  • Explores the motivations of the market participants
  • Shows how economic ideas and market practice differ
  • Fills in gaps in knowledge for market professionals
  • Back to basics for senior staff
  • A cost-effective replacement for graduate/analyst training
  • Relevant to everybody who wants to expand their horizons and broaden their understanding of the markets


DAY ONE UNDERSTANDING THE MARKETS Financing a business, funding startups, asset allocation, leverage, leveraged buy outs, capital structure

DAY TWO EQUITY MARKETS AND EQUITY DERIVATIVES IPOs, corporate valuations, rights issues, equity swaps and options, hedge fund strategies, private equity

DAY THREE FIXED INCOME, CURRENCIES AND COMMODITIES mezzanine finance, bond issues, benchmarking and credit spreads, covered bonds, securitisation, bond futures and options, repos and reverses, asset-liability management, spot and forward foreign exchange, outrights and foreign exchange swaps, forward points, currency options, option strategies, option pricing, the carry trade, covered and uncovered interest parity, premiums and discounts, hedging techniques, treasury bills, commercial paper, interbank market, FRAs and futures,, contangos and backwardations, commodity futures and commodity hedging

DAY FOUR INTEREST RATE & CURRENCY SWAPS & SWAPTIONS & STRUCTURED PRODUCTS term structure of interest rates, motives for payers and receivers, swap driven bond issues, credit arbitrage, rationale for structures, uses of swaptions, pricing swaps and swaptions, managing interest rate risk, managing currency risk, liquidity risk management

DAY FIVE CREDIT DERIVATIVES, RISK MANAGEMENT AND REGULATION Single name credits, asset swaps, credit baskets, VaR, RAROC, the greeks, Dodd-Frank, Basel I - III and the future of the capital markets 


  • It has been specially designed by an industry expert enabling you understand the drivers, mechanics and techniques essential for success in today’s volatile international marketplace
  • You will benefit from in-depth market-focused tuition designed to optimise your skills and increase your effectiveness within all aspects of the international capital markets
  • The intensive nature of the course enables you to be completely immersed in this subject
  • You will get more detail incorporated here than on any other capital markets course, highlighting structural techniques and mistakes previously made
  • It is tailored specifically to your needs. Intensive coverage and case studies will focus on the industries and sectors that YOU choose with a particular emphasis on practical applications

How You Will Learn

Packed with up-to-date case studies & exercises, this course will help you understand & digest what is currently happening in the international capital markets

Case studies & exercises include: Constructing an asset allocation strategy; Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Global Investment Committee; LinkedIn; Facebook; VA Linux; National Grid's rights issue; Contrasting debt & equity finance; Mezzanine finance; Baskin Robbins; Approximating bond prices mentally; Swap driven bond issues; Millenium BCP


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Detailed Description
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