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Who should attend

  • System Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Architects and Security Analysts
  • Learners who aspire to build a successful career in the Salesforce domain

What are the prerequisites for taking up this Salesforce Lightning training course?

  • There are no specific prerequisites for taking up this Salesforce Lightning training course.

About the course

Intellipaat Salesforce Lightning training course is designed and curated by experts to help learners master the precepts of Salesforce Lightning, both theoretically and practically. As a part of this online course, you will learn the tools and technologies that pertain to Salesforce Lightning, modern user interface for speed optimization, reusable components for customizing Lightning Experience, and Salesforce1 Mobile App. You will also work on industry-standard real-world projects.

About Salesforce Lightning Training Course

Intellipaat’s Salesforce Lightning training course aims at equipping you with all the required skills to clear the Field Service Lightning Consultant exam for pursuing a successful career in the Salesforce CRM domain. Upon the completion of This course, you will be able to successfully administer and configure such Salesforce applications that address customer field-service-operation predicaments.

What will you learn in this Salesforce Lightning training online?

  • Salesforce1 Lightning Process Builder
  • Salesforce Account Sign-up
  • Salesforce Domain Sign-up
  • Using HTML and CSS styles
  • Component attributes
  • Lightning components
  • Composition of components
  • Conditional statements and value providers
  • Out-of-the-box components
  • Common UI and UI namespace
  • Event handling
  • Server-side controller
  • Hands-on example of server-side controller
  • Building a Lightning Application

Why should you go for this Salesforce Lightning training course?

  • The global CRM market is projected to reach US$48.4 billion in two years – Strategyr
  • Salesforce leads the CRM market with a 19.7 percent of market share – Gartner
  • A Salesforce Administrator in the United States can earn up to $82,000 per year – Indeed

Salesforce Lightning Course Content

  • Salesforce Lightning Process Builder

Introduction to Salesforce, Salesforce action layouts, Lightning Process Builder, creating process using visual layout and creating the whole process rather than using multiple workflow rules, and process for working together in one UI for different users.

  • Salesforce Account and Salesforce Domain Sign-up

Free accounts types, lifetime-free developer account, 30 days trial production account, signing up for the lifetime-free developer account, Custom domain in Salesforce Creation, Custom domain name for the organization definition, domain testing, event-driven lightning framework, Aura framework, deploying domain, Developer Console usage, and creating Lightning components.

  • Using HTML and CSS Styles

Using CSS and HTML for styling Lightning components, Lightning app components reference, creating a CSS file in Developer Console, Lightning component linking, and uploading external style sheet to static resource.

  • Component Attributes

Understanding what attributes are, member variables in Apex Class, typed fields on a specific instance of a component, referencing from within a component’s markup using expression syntax, making components dynamic with attributes, and using the aura:attribute tag to add attribute to a component or an app.

  • Lightning Functions

Client-side controller, function definition, binding to components, passing value to functions and other JavaScript-based operations, and referencing component in an application

  • Components Composition

Creating fine-grained components within larger components, Components fitting, Simple components creation like c:LC and c:LC2, and wrapper components creation that contain simple components

  • Conditional Statements

The IF-­Else conditional statement, aura:if, is True expression

  • Value Providers

Accessing data using value providers, encapsulating related values, and value providers for components view and controller

  • Out-of-the-box Components

Lightning Experience, Lightning Apps, components belonging to different namespaces, Aura, Force, Force Chatter, Force Community, design lightning system styling, and user interface

  • Common UI and UI Namespace

Understanding common UI, using aura:component, UI components, easy handling of common UI, and component styling

  • Updating UI Components Dynamically

Dynamically updating UI components, JavaScript controller actions for firing events in Lightning Component Framework, and event declaration using the aura:event tag in a .evt resource

Handling Events Event-driven programming using JavaScript, Java Swing, component and application event, and writing handlers in JavaScript

  • Server-side Controller

Creating server-side controller in Apex, @Aura-enabled annotation, annotation of enable client- and server-side access to controlled method

Hands-on Example of Server-side Controller An example of deploying Server-side controller by pulling data from opportunity object, creating Client-side controller to invoke Server-side controller, and passing returned values to components

  • Building Lightning Applications

Building Contact Management App on Lightning Framework, uploading CSS file for referencing in application, creating contact Controller Apex Class, and designing User Interface by using HTML and CSS classes provided in Bootstrap Stylesheet

Salesforce Lightning Certification

This Salesforce Lightning training course is designed to help you clear the Field Service Lightning Consultant Certification examination.

As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly.

At the end of this training program, there will be a quiz that perfectly reflects the type of questions asked in the certification exam and helps you score better.

Intellipaat Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review) and upon scoring at least 60% marks in the quiz. Intellipaat certification is well recognized in top MNCs like Ericsson, Cisco, Cognizant, Sony, Mu Sigma, Saint-Gobain, Standard Chartered, TCS, Genpact, Hexaware, etc.

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