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Sales Acumen for Non-Sales Professionals

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About the course

Deliver Better Business Results by Integrating Professional Sales Practices into your Regular Activities

Non-sales professionals are often on the front lines of their organization, delivering services to clients. Having face time with clients provides an opportunity to sell, but many people with no sales training are uncomfortable in a sales function.

In this workshop, you will explore a fundamental set of business-building principles, strategies and tactics. You will also practice an array of effective sales skills and learn to incorporate them into your regular business activities. The objective is to help you become more at ease in a sales capacity, while delivering increased business value to your organization.

What you will learn

  • Internalize a comfortable mindset around selling, and sell in a way that enhances your professional esteem
  • Enhance your fluency in connecting your clients’ needs with your own unique offering
  • Adopt basic marketing concepts in your personal communication strategies
  • Discover ways to develop new business opportunities with existing clients
  • Attract and close business with new clients
  • Achieve longer-term, more abundant and more profitable business for your organization

Program content

  • Developing a positive sales mindset: connecting sales with your personal values and professional growth, setting direction and boundaries
  • Building an effective sales framework: relationships between principles, strategy and tactics, uncovering your client’s true objectives
  • Common sales methodologies and the best uses for each method
  • Gaining new clients: identifying and qualifying new opportunities, client communication strategies, closing new business collaboratively
  • Extending client engagements: identifying and assessing new opportunities with existing clients, turning scope creep into new business
  • Persuasion fluency: establishing peer-like relationships, positioning yourself as indispensable to your client’s objectives, being relevant to different levels of management
  • Achieving favourable client management metrics: profitability, retention, referrals

Special features

This workshop provides a comfortable yet challenging learning environment in which to experiment with and refine your sales approach. The methods explored are effective in a variety of situations—from engaging new clients, to expanding business with existing clients, to selling ideas internally within your own organization.

Who should attend

This course applies to any non-sales professional who deals directly with customers. It is of particular interest to client managers, consultants and subject matter experts in business and professional services (e.g. HR, IT, Engineering, Accounting, Legal, Transportation etc.) who want to attract, retain and grow their client business.

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Eric is Vice President of Sales for the consumer electronics company Kanto Living, where he provides strategic leadership and leads a North American sales team. He has more than 30 years of sales experience spanning industries in high tech, media, business services, and manufacturing. As a consul...


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