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Sotheby's Institute of Art

Running a Contemporary Gallery

Oct 30—Dec 10, 2019
USD 1485

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As the landscape for art expands, the contemporary art market’s unprecedented growth calls for a more in-depth look at the central role of the gallery.

This course explores the high stakes world of art galleries, integrating real-world examples with critical thinking around topics that shape the gallery business, including the increasingly integral role of art fairs. Running a Contemporary Gallery equips those considering a career in the field with practical knowledge of the day-to-day functioning and the strategic operations of a gallery, including managing artists and clients, preparing for and participating in art fairs, negotiating relationships with other players in the art market, and marketing through online channels.

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of what a gallery does and how it runs.
  • Insights into artistic programming and managing artists.
  • A familiarity with the factors that drive sales and how to leverage them.

Sample Topics

Week 1: Uncovering The Basics

  • Historical Perspective
  • The Dealers
  • Primary vs. Secondary Markets
  • Gallery Structure

Week 2: Artistic Program

  • Identifying the artistic ‘brand’
  • Attracting & retaining talent
  • Negotiating with and managing artists

Week 3: Stock

  • Production & Managing artists’ demands
  • Pricing
  • Knowledge – what you need to know about artists and collectors

Week 4: Art Fairs

  • Opportunities and challenges
  • What to show where and how to show it
  • Managing stock and expectations

Week 5: Driving Sales

  • Building a strong sales team
  • Pay: encouraging performance & preserving fair play.
  • Developing new client relationships and loyalty

Week 6: Pinning Technology

  • Offline versus online sales
  • Creative ways to curate
  • Case study


B.A., Harvard University M.A., Sciences-Po, Paris Emilie Faure works at the intersection of art sales and commercial strategy for artists. In her six years as Sales Executive at White Cube, she advised collectors on acquisitions with an eye on both curatorial relevance and long-term investment...

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Oct 30—Dec 10, 2019
USD 1485

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