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Role of the Finance Director

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About the course

Becoming a financial director can be a daunting and confusing prospect. The overall objective of the Aspiring Finance Director course is to demystify the role and break it down into clear parts.

On the inside, expectations under the title of finance are wider than ever before, so the ability to obtain the top job based solely on technical financial ability is now a distant memory. Expectations now run far deeper, into strategy, business performance and leadership, whilst maintaining the financial stewardship thread through each of these areas.

This finance director training enables an aspiring finance director to understand the role, be able to assess themselves, and prepare a clear plan of how they could work towards achieving their goals.


The role of the finance director continues to evolve in the modern world and the requirements to be successful are changing, both inside and outside of the organisation. This is why training for finance directorship is vital.

Outside the organisation, regulation has got tougher and the finance director on the board has increased expectations, both as a member of a board collectively, and more specifically with regards to finance responsibilities and expectations given by the Companies Act. Knowing these is key to staying within the law and avoiding career crashes.

For those aspiring to be a finance director or CFO, understanding the modern requirements is fundamental. It will assist you in both being able to build a career towards this goal, and being able to make the huge transition from finance professional to finance director.

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Learning outcomes

Aspiring finance directors who attend this one-day course will return to their workplace with the knowledge and basic tools to allow them to:

  • Understand the modern demands on a finance director, inside and outside the organization
  • Be clear on the expectations in company law of the finance director
  • Assess the role of finance director for themselves as a career objective
  • Identify priority development areas that will enable them build for finance directorship
  • Strategically assess potential finance director job opportunities and moves that arise
  • Establish a plan that increases the chance of success in financial directorship

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