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Maastricht School of Management

Rethinking Your Business Model

Rethinking your business model - Executive Education
Apr 1—May 31, 2020
3 daysModules info
Maastricht, Netherlands
EUR 1975 ≈USD 2187
EUR 658 per day

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Playfulness is the starting-point to rethink one's business model

The program mainly targets European participants with an intermediate+ level of Englis

With the spreading of the “Business Model Canvas” many professionals have added a new vocabulary to discuss the merit or risks of how their organizations do business. Business modeling has become standard repertoire for start-up entrepreneurs, for example to transition into a scale-up.

In fact, a new industry has emerged to help firms to engage in redesigning their current business model. Next to software applications and whiteboards with the BM Canvas pre-printed on it, also dedicated consulting practices and business modeling services have been introduced. Business modeling has become a flourishing business in itself.

For many, it remains a struggle to know how to (re-) model one’s business model. This masterclass will help you to start modeling yourself rather to rely on external consultants to do this for you. We expect our participants to become the internal champions of collaborative business modeling in their respective organizations.

Helping others to co-create new business models mandates that you understand the guiding principles of business model design. For example, some cannot explain the difference between a business and a revenue model. In this workshop you will learn how to gradually rethink one’s business model with notions of business model of increased complexity.

You will also learn how the different elements of the business model canvas can be a great starting-point to rethink one’s existing business model. Obviously there are a major differences between rethinking one’s corporate business model, the business model of a line of business, and a departmental business model.

Reasons to follow Rethinking your business model

  • Learn how to rethink your business model without spending budget on external consultants
  • Be inspired by theory and go home with actionable insights
  • Each day of this masterclass will equip you to rigorously rethink your own business model

Course objectives

At the end of this program you can:

  • Explain how business model rethinking is related to strategic reorientation
  • Generate a wide range of conceivable models for essentially the same business
  • Evaluate multiple business models on attractiveness and feasibility
  • Present business models using metaphors and analogies

Course topics

Topics included in the program are:

  • Business model rethinking as a design challenge
  • Rethinking what you transact (i.e. what you sell & invoice)
  • Rethinking with which entities you partner to run your business
  • Rethinking on what basis you collaborate with business partners

Teaching methods

This masterclass is provided as a series of workshops. You should expect to learn from working on several real cases to discuss and learn.

Who should attend

This program is designed for middle- or senior-level managers in private and public sectors. Participants can also be leading business development of product development projects. Management professionals looking to refresh skills and access current thought leadership. Managers considering an MBA or further graduate studies.


Wynand Bodewes (1966) is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Maastricht School of Management where he teaches several Entrepreneurship courses in the Master in Management, MSc in Management and Engineering, MBA and Executive MBA programs, both in Maastricht and abroad. He is also the Ac...

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Apr 1—May 31, 2020
3 daysModules info
Maastricht, Netherlands
EUR 1975 ≈USD 2187
EUR 658 per day

How it works

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