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Rethinking Workplace Diversity

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Plan, manage, and foster your organization's diversity

This two-day course is designed to provide you with optimal ways to learn about, plan for, manage, and foster diversity in organizations. We explore the data and analyze the business case for diversity and evaluate strategies to recruit and retain future and diverse talent. This active-learning course relies on the latest empirical research and provides practical skills for managing tomorrow's workforce.


  • Explore the data and analyze the business case for diversity
  • Evaluate strategies to recruit and retain future and diverse talent
  • Develop a knowledge base concerning current discrimination research and the arguments for and against the pursuit of organizational diversity
  • Gain assessment tools and knowledge concerning beliefs related to promoting and preventing diversity initiatives
  • Gain knowledge concerning the impediments to diversity, particularly by examining unconscious bias as well as remediation tactics to such biases
  • Develop knowledge about how to use a diversity and inclusion tool kit
  • Learn to think in a systematic way about how you might strategically optimize the diversity and management of your own workforce

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This two-day course is for leaders at all levels.

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Michelle Hebl

Mikki Hebl is a full professor of psychology and management at Rice University. She is a proud native of Pardeeville, Wisconsin, who graduated with her B.A. from Smith College and her Ph.D. at Dartmouth College. She joined the faculty at Rice University in 1998 and was given the endowed title of ...


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Rice Business Executive Education - Rethinking Workplace Diversity

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