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Relationship Awareness – a key to Accountability & Engagement for Leaders

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About the course

How do the best-performing leaders get to the top? Leaders who’ve mastered the secret of consistently producing high-quality results, regardless of the task at hand. Today’s strongest leaders are those who know how to influence people, give feedback, drive change and produce results even in the most challenging environments. They take personal responsibility with every task and hold themselves accountable and create accountability for those they lead. By developing your relationship awareness you enable yourself to engage in best leadership practices that translate into influencing the development of others, creating high performing teams and a culture of accountability. Relationship awareness is about becoming self-aware and understanding the unique characteristics that make you the leader you are. The most effective leaders are those who use their strengths to build strong relationships within their team and broader networks and who are able to create meaningful connections with people from different backgrounds, generations and values. In doing so, you position yourself to face new challenges, take on greater responsibilities and ultimately succeed

Why This Program?

You’ll learn how to be a stronger and more influential leader, honing your personal and interpersonal skills to develop greater relationship intelligence, learning to engage your team in a way that leads to personal accountability and ownership and creating a healthy culture that supports innovation, communication and teamwork. You’ll also learn how to identify the needs of your individual team members, eliminating false assumptions and working through misunderstandings that arise as a result of different communication styles.

Through this program, you will:

  • Unlock the power of real accountability
  • Create a system to become personally responsible for outcomes with your team, including direct reports, peers and superiors
  • Choose strengths mindfully to best meet the needs of your respective stakeholders
  • Adopt an ownership mentality for achieving results
  • Navigate the difficult conflict situations that eat away at accountability
  • Employ a decision making and a problem-solving model based on relationship awareness
  • Become proficient in utilizing a communication model that builds trust and is effective for performance management and difficult conversation
  • Identify and understand your leadership strengths through three personal assessment tools

Who should attend

This program is ideal for managers or executives looking to enhance their leadership capabilities and prepare to take on a larger role within their organization

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Charles J. Meltzer

Charles J. Meltzer, PhD. is President of the SynTECGroup, an organizational development consulting firm which specializes in assisting organizations and its people create sustainable change. Dr. Meltzer is recognized as a leading authority in change management and facilitation across Canada and t...


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