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Regional Challenges — Europe

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About the course

or decades, Europe was a stable region secured by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and bolstered by the economic cohesiveness of the European Union. The rise of populism and Brexit and the reemergence of Russia have made the region less stable. Countries across the continent remain key U.S. allies, however, and are vital to national security.

OPM Competency: External Awareness

MSL Credit Hours: 1

Brookings scholars, policymakers, foreign diplomats, and corporate professionals are the types of speakers who will share their insights within this course.

Program Benefits

  • Debate the effects of Brexit on the world economy
  • Analyze Russian influence in the region
  • Discuss the changing values of Western democracies

Who should attend

  • Intelligence and military communities
  • Business managers and executives
  • Nonprofit, advocacy, humanitarian and development organizations
  • Political officers at embassies and consulates
  • Federal agency employees who have an interest in the region and/or how it relates to US policy
  • Government officials wanting to learn how global issues affect domestic policies and those at their agencies

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