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Maastricht School of Management

Refresher Course on Agritourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Oct 2—11, 2019
8 days
Tbilisi, Georgia

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Maastricht School of Management and the Business and Technology University in Tbilisi are jointly organizing the Refresher Course: Agritourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Caucasus region.

This course will introduce participants in very practical ways to the tenets, key concepts and opportunities of agritourism and its linkages with entrepreneurship and innovation.

Supporting agribusiness and agritourism and empowering rural communities is an integral development strategy in the Caucaus region according to Bruno Balvanera, Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This entails developing entrepreneurial self-sufficiency and fully enjoying the opportunities offered in the beautiful region. In this context, the Refresher Course will strengthen the local and regional abilities to create new agritourism initiatives applying sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial practices.

Besides gaining knowledge on agritourism, innovation and entrepreneurship, participants will benefit from exposure to actual agritourism ventures in Georgia. They will learn from experience and also have the opportunity to apply concepts from the training room. This will present an attractive option for all participants to explore an exciting and emerging field.

Ultimately, this refresher course will contribute to the development of entrepreneurial skills of the participants, supporting their entrepreneurial development, becoming more innovative in meeting international standards of entrepreneurship development and agritourism.

Teaching methodology

The course will use interactive and experience-based training methods that take the knowledge of participants as the point of departure. Theoretical inputs will be combined with practical sessions, discussions with external resource persons, case studies and field trips. This shall include interactive classroom based sessions, guest lecturers, field visits, networking opportunities, discussions and individual and group work. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences during classes with others and with the trainers, in this way creating more synergy than in traditional training programs.

Learning objectives

Participants and their respective institutions will benefit from the achievement of the following key objectives:

  • Enhanced knowledge of agritourism, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Enhanced abilities to assess and engage in entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Enhanced ability to develop entrepreneurial business plans
  • Enhanced networking skills within alumni group and also with entrepreneurs engaged in agritourism ventures

Who should attend

The program is designed for:

  • NFP/OKP alumni from the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Georgia or Macedonia
  • Entrepreneurship leaders and officers involved in agritourism, agribusiness and related sectors
  • Consultants working in the field of entrepreneurship development and implementation
  • Lecturers and all other practitioners employed in the area to which the course will make a relevant contribution

Next dates

Oct 2—11, 2019
8 days
Tbilisi, Georgia

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