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Oct 31—Nov 1, 2019
2 days
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
USD 2195
USD 1097 per day
Dec 5—6, 2019
2 days
Arlington, Washington, United States
USD 2195
USD 1097 per day
Apr 9—10, 2020
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 2195
USD 1097 per day


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About the course

Develop higher-level, up-to-date leadership skills in purchasing and sourcing.

This seminar focuses on skills for the experienced purchasing professional, addressing more mid-level to advanced contemporary, state-of-the-art topics in purchasing management. As more companies reach overseas for foreign purchasing, such present day issues as dealing with U.S. Customs (CBP), near sourcing options in Mexico, contract management, and better defining landed costs, among others, will be addressed in the course. In addition, you’ll explore an entire set of advanced metrics in both domestic and global sourcing, including RFP management, web-based sourcing, and more aggressive issues like going green, diversity purchasing, sustainability, and sourcing leadership. You’ll also experience case studies and real-life examples in order to understand how to respond to executive mandates regarding purchasing and supply management, contract issues, and more.

How You Will Benefit

  • More effectively lead and manage purchasing and sourcing teams and projects
  • Recognize the role of the purchasing manager in the global supply chain
  • Increase your skill in leveraging options to reduce risks and costs
  • Build stronger capabilities in RFP management, vendor and supplier sustainability
  • Create better SOWs and supplier contracts
  • Understand how contract disputes are resolved with strategic negotiation

What You Will Cover

  • Understanding purchasing complexities in today’s business world
  • Understanding effective leadership skills in purchasing and sourcing
  • Raising the complexity of “total cost of ownership”
  • Developing landed cost modeling
  • Leveraging web-based sourcing and procurement options
  • Diversity management in procurement options
  • Successful project management in purchasing and sourcing
  • What you need to know about U


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and Explain the Increasing Scope of Purchasing Management
  • Describe the Benefits of Global Sourcing
  • Explain the Role of the Purchasing Manager in the Global Supply Chain
  • Use Best Practices to Overcome Purchasing Management Challenges
  • Apply Effective Approaches for Managing Risk in Global Sourcing
  • Identify Options for Reducing the Specific Risks and Costs Associated with Decisions Regarding Domestic and International Sourcing
  • Identify Global Purchasing Management Tools
  • Manage the RFP Process and Vendor Sustainability
  • Apply Best Practices for Leading Purchasing and Sourcing Teams and Projects
  • Explain How Sustainability, Diversity and Compliance Affect Purchasing and Sourcing

Purchasing Management’s Increasing Scope

Global Sourcing

Purchasing Complexities

Risk and Spend Management

RFP and Vendor Management

Leadership Best Practices

Sustainability and Compliance

Who should attend

Experienced supply chain purchasing personnel and others who deal with sourcing, purchasing, logistics, operations, and/or the management of vendor and supplier relationships.

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