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University of Cape Town

Public Relations (PR)

Jun 6—Aug 31
ZAR 12900 ≈USD 894

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The evolution of social and online media channels has caused a visible shift in the way traditional media is consumed.

Consumers are paradoxically more demanding, and more forgiving than ever before. This is why your role as a public relations professional needs to constantly evolve to meet the demands of both company and community.

Want to be recognised as a tactical and pre-emptive public relations management expert?

Set yourself apart with this UCT public relations course, designed to give you the confidence to build strong public relationships and strategic communication plans.

What will set you apart

Become an in-demand Public Relations Manager with a certified skill set and the ability to:

  • Master the strategic management of a brand, business, organisation or individual’s reputation among its key stakeholders
  • Define customers’ expectations, and put crisis management plans into place
  • Create resonating messages across channels to control image, audience perception and drive influence or call-to-action
  • Develop influential relationships with stakeholders and the media, within the context of the changing modern communications landscape

Course curriculum

This public relations course will ensure you are recognised as an industry expert whilst providing you with a functional communication and management skill set. With a personalised and supported framework, you’ll study in your own time, guided by industry experts and a dedicated support team. Here’s what you’ll cover:

  • Orientation Module: Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Course Module 1: Introduction to public relations
  • Course Module 2: Managing relationships with stakeholders
  • Course Module 3: Content creation and management
  • Course Module 4: Building valuable relationships
  • Course Module 5: Online public relations (Web PR)
  • Course Module 6: Public relations and social media
  • Course Module 7: Public relations activities and events
  • Course Module 8: Crisis and reputation management
  • Course Module 9: Measuring, tracking and evaluating public relations activities
  • Course Module 10: Creating a public relations plan (PR plan)
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Detailed Description
Detailed Description