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Public-private Partnerships - Issues and Challenges

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About the course

Public-private partnerships (PPP) are here to stay, though their nomenclature, form, and process are likely to evolve significantly. There has never existed a commonly accepted definition of what are PPPs. As we move forward and our understanding of PPPs matures, a universal definition is no longer aspired for or desirable. The need for public and private to come together in innovative ways exists, and it remains a key domain for managers from private and public to emerge as skilled artists and craftsman who can design and deliver such unique forms. This course aims to take a humble step in this direction. This is not an introductory course, and it expects participants to have some exposure to PPPs. With this background, the class digs into PPP cases and debate on the key issues there in. After a brief exposure (before or during class) on knowing the cases, we would take up the role of protagonists to debate and argue the alternatives available, and hence immerse deeply into the PPP context, and emerge with confidence to design, craft and deliver value at the public-private


  1. Help middle and senior executives evaluate their exposure/involvement with PPPs in a disciplined fashion.
  2. Provide insights into alternative frameworks to examine PPPs.
  3. Develop a deep understanding of how to achieve public value creation through public-private interactions.


The course would discuss five to seven domestic and international PPP cases, some of which are written by the course facilitator. The discussions on the cases aim to expose issues through which the core learnings of the course take place. The class seeks to rely on participant-centered and peer learning to a large extend.

  • Module 1: Introduction: To PPPs and familiarization with colleagues.
  • Module 2: PPPs as a development policy and an institutional mechanism
  • Module 3: PPPs as a public procurement.
  • Module 4: PPPs as a financing model.
  • Module 5: PPPs as a new organizational form.
  • Module 6: Integration and expert talk.

Who should attend

The five-day MDP is targeted at senior and top management professionals in both the public and private sectors. It will specially interest those who have some exposure to PPPs, but need to step back and re-evaluate their PPP journey and explore alternate options to tap private finance, innovation, and management ability. The MDP is more oriented towards managers working in the infrastructure and social sectors.

Trust the experts

Swapnil Garg

Swapnil Garg completed his Ph.D. from the University of Florida, US in the year 2012. His dissertation was titled “Working the PPP: Coordination in Public-private partnerships”. He started his career as a mechanical engineering officer apprentice, when he joined the 1987 batch of Special Class Ra...


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