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About the course

The Public Executive Leadership Academy provides city and county managers, their assistants, and key department heads the opportunity to learn more about themselves as leaders and to gain skills to lead and manage change in their communities. Participants will choose a "real world" project for leading regional, community or organizational change and develop a plan, in consultation with their learning teams, for carrying it out. This project will integrate and apply the leadership knowledge and skills developed during PELA. Participants will also work on a personal leadership development plan that will incorporate feedback from faculty, colleagues, and community stakeholders.

Public Officials - Local and State Government Roles

  • City and County Managers
  • Department Heads

Topics - Local and State Government

  • Community and Economic Development
  • Leadership and Management
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflicts, Disputes, Mediation
  • Collaboration
  • Citizen Engagement and Education
  • Board Dynamics, Relationships and Roles

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Carl Stenberg III

Carl Stenberg joined the School of Government in 2003. Previously, he served as dean of Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts, University of Baltimore; director of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, University of Virginia; executive director of the Council of State Governments; and assist...


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