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Project Valuation & Capital Budgeting

Milbourn - Investments and Capital Budgeting

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May 16
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
USD 920
USD 920 per day


A rigorous valuation of your entire firm is essential to the successful execution of its corporate strategy. To clarify, your company strategy determines the types of activities your organization undertakes; the role of financial analysis is to quantify the merits of these initiatives by assessing their value.


  • Forecasts of various items, such as units sold, prices earned, production costs, and necessary capital commitments
  • Discounted cash flow analysis, including the theoretical underpinnings of the analysis


  • Productive use of capital and other resources maximizes value creation in all your markets
  • Optimal allocation of resources enhances competitive advantage
  • Practical analytical tools help you make strategic capital-budgeting and resource-allocation decisions


Area of Expertise: Corporate Finance, Corporate Finance Research Interests: Corporate finance, managerial career concerns, management compensation, and economics of asymmetric information Awards/Honors: Olin Award Winner on Compensation Goals and Firm Performance, Olin Business Sc...