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IESE Business School

Program for Management Development Munich

Available dates

Mar 17—Jul 3, 2020
17 daysModules info
Barcelona, Spain
EUR 28550 ≈USD 31890
EUR 1679 per day


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About the course

Focused on the business dynamics of Central Europe, from global enterprise to the Mittelstand, the Program for Management Development (PMD) Munich will accelerate your transition to senior management.

You will develop your integrative and strategic understanding of business, and hone decision-making capabilities to drive performance and align your team around key organizational objectives.

The Program for Management Development (PMD) Munich is delivered over four modules: two at IESE Barcelona and two at IESE Munich.cused program at IESE campuses in Barcelona or New York.

What will you learn?

The Program for Management Development is a learning experience that will transform you.

You will exchange ideas, opinions, insight and understanding with trusted peers and international faculty. The process will help you develop key leadership competencies. And accelerate your transition to senior leadership.


The PLD delivers cross-functional perspectives on different areas of management. The program builds your knowledge and broadens your perspective to help you prepare to take on the responsibilities of a senior management generalist.

Preparing for the journey ahead

Before the program begins you will connect with peers to lay the foundations for executive group work, and you will use self-evaluation techniques to prepare for the journey ahead.

Building the Foundation

  • Analyze the key issues and trends defining the global economic landscape.
  • Deepen your understanding of global strategy and execution.
  • Examine how decisive leadership underpins performance.
  • Explore the decision-making process and review the impact of decisions from a general management perspective.
  • Identify an issue of specific relevance to you or your organization and begin working on an actionable plan to address it.

Setting your sights

Bring new insight and knowledge to bear on your personal and professional challenges and goals, and start preparing for a strategy simulation that will put new skills to work.

Moving into rapid waters

Formulate your 100-day plan – a roadmap for the future built on deeper understanding of global leadership and a broadened, more integrative mindset.

Fortifying skills and understanding

Put theory into practice. Deploy new skills, enhanced critical thinking and a general management approach to business challenges in an exciting strategy simulation with your team.

Steering into full flow

Bring it all together, cementing your 100-day plan, delivering your team executive project and participating in a 360-degree debrief. Empowered to step up to the challenges of organizational leadership.

Transformation in action

Take your 100-day plan into your workplace with full support from peer-to-peer coaching and faculty. You will have a new understanding, mindset, perspectives and approach, and be equipped to deliver immediate, powerful and sustained impact.


The Program for Management Development (PMD) Munich-Barcelona is delivered over four modules: two at IESE Barcelona and two at IESE Munich. Your work will be both collaborative and focused on individual projects.

MODULE 1 Anticipate: Building the Foundation

  • Understand the global macroeconomic environment and its impact on business.
  • Develop self-awareness of your own leadership style.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a practical action plan focusing on a particular strategic

MODULE 2 Prepare: Getting Ready for What Lies Ahead

  • Examine the dynamics of business ecosystems and how they contribute to growth.
  • Explore marketing, management, corporate finance and innovation.
  • Fine-tune your action plan.

MODULE 3 Shape: Transforming Business Leaders

  • Delve deep into leadership skills.
  • Explore the implementation of corporate strategy and operations management.
  • Adopt a human resources, process and result-oriented perspective.

MODULE 4 Prospective: Transforming Business Future

  • Explore diverse innovation and entrepreneurship models.
  • Examine global strategy.
  • Add final touches to your take-home agenda and the Executive Challenge.

Who should attend

As a high-achieving functional manager, you’re looking to take your leadership skills and general management expertise to another level.

You’ll join a truly diverse group of talented managers from a spectrum of industries, cultures and backgrounds. And you’ll contribute to building a rich and dynamic learning environment.

  • Talented functional managers
  • New general managers
  • Specialists wanting to improve managerial skills
  • Age range: 30s

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