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Profitable Revenue Growth With Integrated Marketing and Sales Strategies

Available dates

Feb 24—Apr 24, 2020
2 daysModules info
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2442
CAD 1625 per day
Jul 13—15, 2020
2 daysModules info
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2442
CAD 1625 per day


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About the course

Explore a complete system for integrating marketing, sales and customer plans to break down functional silos and build profitable companies, products and services.

Any marketing or sales manager would agree that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Research shows that successful firms of all sizes succeed primarily because they develop superior marketing strategies implemented through flawless sales execution.

The goal of this program is to provide you with a set of straightforward tools and techniques to gather information on your customers and competitors, and develop appropriate marketing strategies to execute these strategies via your sales and customer plans.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the critical relationship between marketing planning and sales execution
  • Use practical templates to develop strategic marketing plans, sales plans and customer plans
  • A complete implementation system that links your marketing plans, sales plans and customer plans
  • How to analyze and use key data on customers, markets and competitors
  • How to segment your markets and customers to increase profitability
  • Prepare tactical plans that convert marketing strategies into detailed action steps
  • Communicate your marketing activities into actionable sales and customer strategies
  • Develop the framework for organizational alignment – marketing, sales and other functions – working together to identify, satisfy and keep customers
  • Create profit-driven marketing, sales and customer plans
  • How to plan, implement, review and re-calibrate your go-to market strategy


Achieving Integrated Marketing, Sales & Customer Strategies / In-Class

The Role of Marketing and Sales in Successful Organizations

  • Marketing and sales secrets of successful organizations: summary of academic research
  • What happens when marketing and sales do not work together
  • How to align marketing, sales and other functions around a common customer strategy
  • Critical linkages to develop in strategy formulation and implementation

Understanding Customer Needs

  • Root cause of weak marketing and sales strategies: poor understanding of customer needs
  • Distinguishing between a customer need and a basic care variable
  • A powerful tool to understand customer needs and value drivers

Developing A Strong Marketing Plan

  • Analyzing customers, markets and competitors
  • From data to insight: identifying opportunities and threats for the business
  • Compete effectively by identifying key issues facing your business
  • Using the marketing mix elements (product, price, channel of distribution and marketing communications) to develop your go-to-market strategy

Market Segmentation: The Key to Marketing and Sales Success

  • Why are most senior managers not happy with their segmentation efforts?
  • Three principles behind successful segmentation models
  • How to properly segment your markets and customers
  • Avoiding common mistakes in market segmentation

Successfully Translating Strategic Marketing Plans into Sales and Customer Plans

  • Establishing an annual planning calendar
  • Developing sales plans to focus the sales effort
  • Developing customer plans to formulate and deliver customer value propositions
  • Aligning the enterprise: getting different functional groups to work together to identify, satisfy and keep customers

Preparing Powerful Marketing and Sales Plans for Your Organization

  • Time in class to work on your own strategic marketing and sales plans
  • Sample plans and templates to use in your business
  • Review of course take-home materials for back at the office

Added Course Features

A world-class standard of learning with our one-to-one marketing plan feedback. After the course, send your marketing and sales plans to receive expert feedback from Dr. Sirsi.

In addition to your detailed course binder, receive a free copy of Dr. Sirsi’s book to reinforce your learning, Marketing Led – Sales Driven: How Successful Businesses Use The Power Of Marketing Plans And Sales Execution To Win In The Marketplace.

Online Components

  • Review weekly modules of material and read assigned materials
  • Test your comprehension of the material by taking online quizzes
  • Share your questions,learning, experiences,challenges, ideas with theinstructor and classmatesvia a discussionboard
  • Work remotely on a projectto apply the materialto your businesschallenges

Final Webinar Presentation

Finish the program by presenting your project in an online webinar session.

Who should attend

  • Directors, vice presidents and managers within the following disciplines:
  • Marketing, sales and customer service
  • Corporate planning and business development
  • Product, advertising and brand management
  • Key account and territory management
  • Client services
  • Regional and divisional operations

Trust the experts

Ajay Sirsi

Biography Ajay is a senior marketing professor at Schulich. His research has won awards internationally. Ajay is the author of three books including: Marketing Led – Sales Driven: How Successful Businesses Use The Power Of Marketing Plans And Sales Execution To Win In The Marketplace and Marketi...


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