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About the course

Private Wealth Management LATAM builds on the capabilities that can help you oversee the management of your family office and ensure that the assets of your clients’ family business continue to grow as their business grows.

Wharton, in collaboration with the Family Business and Office School, has designed an executive education program to help financial advisors treat wealth management as a discipline — to better enable wealth management professionals to meet the unique challenges of their ultra-high-net-worth clientele.

Program Highlights & Benefits

  • Gain technical expertise in key investment and financial performance tools, while gaining a holistic view of a family’s assets beyond just the financial or investment side
  • Learn how to enhance your power and influence and your communication skills, to be more effective when engaging with clients
  • Expand your network, hearing from peers on best practices within the industry
  • Explore how to achieve competitive returns in investments

Experience & Impact

Nine out of ten Latin American companies are family-owned firms, yet only 30 percent of these businesses survive to the second generation, according to research conducted by the Family Business and Office School. The major culprits for why family businesses don’t thrive long term are a lack of wealth succession planning and inefficient family and corporate governance; little or no training of owners, shareholders, and the next generation of company leaders; and inefficient wealth management and asset allocation.

Wharton, in collaboration with the Family Business and Office School, has designed a three-day executive education program in Miami to meet the unique challenges of these ultra-high-net-worth clientele.

Wharton faculty, led by Christopher Geczy, PhD, an expert on investment management, apply their field-based research and the latest strategic insights on the latest trends in family investment. Emphasizing the importance of investment knowledge and leadership acumen, this program presents a strong foundation on the tools to evaluate investments and allocate assets, including various alternative investment options. You will also discuss a variety of options for growth including alliances, acquisitions, and internal corporate ventures.

Session topics include:

  • The Total Family Balance Sheet
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Performance Measurement and Manager Evaluation
  • The Art and Implications of Asset Allocation
  • Chart-Centric Influence
  • Understanding Your Clients’ Communication Styles
  • Alternatives to Real Assets
  • Trends in Impact Financing

Through highly interactive lectures, exercises, and a software simulation, you will elevate your value as an investment advisor and family office leader, while showing your clients how to optimize portfolios. Both in the classroom and in smaller work groups, this deep dive into family investment leadership will examine what family office leaders, family members, and investment advisors need to manage current and future wealth and ensure the assets of their family business continue to grow.

Overall, you will:

  • Gain insight on coordinating all elements of family wealth when considering other family investment opportunities
  • Learn how to optimize financial portfolios so they perform well, taking into account the risks of stocks and bonds and the benefits of diversification
  • Understand the effects of economic and financial crises and international trends in the practical application of asset allocation
  • Communicate more effectively to accelerate your work advancement while improving how you connect with family members and decision makers
  • Uncover the personal sources of power and influence that enable you to effectively and ethically accomplish their goal

Who should attend

Private Wealth Management LATAM is for financial advisors and managers of family offices for high-net-worth individuals/families based in Latin America and Miami. This program is also open to high-net-worth individuals who are actively involved in investing the wealth or overseeing the management of their family offices.

Job titles and roles may include:

Financial Advisor, Financial Broker, Financial Planner, Financial Consultant Investment Advisor, Investment Broker Family Office Professional Private Client Advisor

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Christopher Geczy

Chris Geczy has been on the Finance Faculty at Wharton since 1997 and is Academic Director of the Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research. He is also Academic Director of the Wharton Wealth Management Initiative at Wharton Executive Education. He has a B.A. in eco...


Craig MacKinlay

Education PhD, University of Chicago, 1985; MBA, University of Chicago, 1983; MBA, University of Western Ontario, 1980; BS, University of Western Ontario, 1978 Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards Oxford University Press Century Publication Celebration 100 Best Papers of All ...


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This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.