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Private Equity and Venture Capital

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About the course

The world of private equity and venture capital investing is a fascinating and potentially lucrative one. Although it has a long history, in recent years it has become increasingly popular amongst both professional and private investors. At a time of general convergence amongst mainstream investment classes, it arguably offers a useful opportunity for diversification. The sector also provides exciting career opportunities across a wide range of functions, all of which generally offer above average remuneration and, in some cases, the potential to earn significant sums of money.

Nevertheless, to the beginner it can seem a confusing and exclusive world with its own terminology and a seemingly complex collection of roles and processes. It also presents its own set of specific risks and pitfalls which can easily catch out the unaware.

The IFF two-day Private Equity and Venture Capital course sets out to de-mystify the sector, breaking down the complex structure into a series of core elements which are fully explained using real-life examples.


Attend this incisive and highly practical two-day course and:

  • Know the different stages of the investment cycle and the role that PE & VC plays in funding businesses
  • Understand the structure and strategies of PE and VC funds, including fee structures and the roles of different participants
  • Have a practical knowledge of every stage of the investment process, from deal origination through to exit
  • Be familiar with key terminology specific to the sector
  • Understand risks and potential pitfalls associated with specific to different stages in the PE and VC process

How You Will Learn

This course draws on private equity expert Jonathan Harrison's experience and features many practical examples

This course can play a crucial role in making sure that your company is successful in turbulent times and can take advantage of the opportunities lost by others.

Trust the experts

Jonathan Harrison

Jonathan Harrison is an investment specialist with over 25 years experience in the institutional fund management and investment banking sectors. His experience spans both public and private equity. Jonathan started his investment career with Ivory & Sime, where he managed equity portfolios fo...


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Private Equity & Venture Capital

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