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Nanyang Technological University Center for Continuing Education

Principles and Fundamentals of Facilities Management

Oct 18, 2019
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With the high cost of inflation and the ever increasing demand for energy and other resources for the management of Built Environment, FM has become an important management disciplines for Asset owners and Developers to enhance the quality of service and value of their assets; as well as a strategic component for the success of its business organization. With globalized competitiveness in business operations, it is imperative for Building professionals, constructors and FM practitioners to appreciate and understand the scope of FM services, its roles and responsibilities, the implementation of FM services to achieve service excellence and to increase occupiers' productivity, and the measurability and benchmarking of FM service provision to serve as control of quality and road map. This will help turn built environment into assets that have the lowest Life Cycle Cost of operation over its entire economic life span through the provision of efficient and sustainable facilities solutions.


This 1-day course aims to provide the particpants the knowledge of the Principles and Fundamentals of Facilities management for Built Environment, brief introduction of the importance of Sustainable FM for whole Life management of Assets, Performance measurement of the Building Performance and most important of all the future direction of FM practices.


  1. Facilities Management (FM) Fundamentals
  • FM Definition, Objectives and FM System
  • FM Organization, Personnel and Activities
  • Scope of FM Services
  • Operating Strategies and types of Maintenance Strategies
  • Benefits of FM
  • FM fault reporting System & Technology
  1. Building Value Management (VM) and Value Added Services
  • Definition of VM
  • Generic Approach of VM & VM Tool
  • VM Operating procedures
  • Application in Practice
  • Disaster, Energy, Interior, Water and Environmental Management
  • Value Added Services in FM
  1. Strategic FM
  • Background and Changing Business Agenda
  • Changing Trends in FM and the Driver for Change
  • FM Strategies and Roles of Facilities Manager
  • Strategic Enabler and Strategic Planning Model
  • FM Master Plan
  • Strategic Asset Management and Life Cycle perspective
  1. Sustainable FM (SFM) in Brief
  • SFM Definition
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Carbon Footprint, Energy management, Alternative & renewable Energy
  • Sustainability Investing Strategies
  • Sustainable FM Strategies
  • Whole Life Cost Management and performance

Who should attend

Building managers, Developers, FM companies, Building Service Engineers and contractors, Vendors.


Kok Hin earned his 1st Class Honours Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Monash University, Australia under the Public Service Commission scholarship. He obtained Post graduate Diplomas in Business Studies and Business Administration from UK, and also graduated with a Master of Enginee...

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Oct 18, 2019
SGD 418 ≈USD 301
SGD 418 per day

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