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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Pricing and Sales Management

Available dates

Jan 6—10, 2020
5 days
Kolkata, India
INR 85000 ≈USD 1196
INR 17000 per day


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About the course

It is well known that, among all the drivers of a marketing organization’s profit (e.g., price, advertising, variable cost, fixed cost, sales volume, etc), improvements in pricing have the most powerful effect on the bottom-line. The overall goal of this course is to improve the understanding as well as ability of corporate planners, marketing and sales managers to develop and implement superior pricing and sales generation strategies based on sound theory, metrics, and cutting edge methods. Participants will be exposed to pricing analytics to the extent that these tools enhance decision-making.


The specific objectives of this executive education course include:

  • Understand the “power of pricing”
  • Develop a refined understanding of value-based, cost-based, and competitor-based pricing
  • Learn basics of measures and methods for estimation of consumer price response, price response elasticity, and willingness-to-pay (WTP) using tools like regression, conjoint analysis, field and quasi-experiments
  • Understand the nuances of bundle pricing, product line pricing, “good-better-best” pricing
  • Develop understanding and skills in competitive pricing and dynamic pricing strategies
  • Grasp “Do’s and Don’ts” of delegation of pricing authority to sales agents
  • Understand the “price waterfall” and effective pricing organization and control


Pricing Strategies

  • Introductory Case
  • How to gain competitive advantage, understanding consumer “willingness-to-pay” (WTP) and Power of Pricing
  • Pricing Arithmetic, Price-volume-cost relationships & Breakeven Analyses
  • Price elasticity: Definition, Econometric Measurement, and Role in Price Optimization
  • Insights from meta-analyses of price elasticities
  • Cost-based, Competitor-based, and Value-based pricing
  • Price Bundling
  • Product line pricing & price-quality tiers (“Good, Better, Best”) pricing
  • Price customization strategies
  • Price promotions

  • Pricing Research

  • Pricing research and methods evolution in practice: From van Westendorp to Conjoint Analysis

  • Introduction to conjoint analysis for pricing decisions

  • Attribute-based conjoint analysis

  • Choice-based conjoint analysis

  • Menu-based conjoint analysis

  • Conjoint analysis applications and insights

  • Conjoint study field execution in practice

  • Conjoint analysis case discussion

Pricing Competition

  • Introduction to field experiments
  • Price experiments and testing in the field
  • Coping with competition
  • Duopolistic and oligopolistic price competition: Theory and Illustrations
  • Competitive pricing simulation game 1 (Team-based)
  • Competitive pricing simulation game 2 (Team-based)

Pricing Organization

  • Who is responsible for pricing in the organization?
  • Pricing and Marketing-Finance coordination
  • Pricing and Marketing-Sales coodination
  • Pros and cons of delegation of pricing authority to the sales force
  • Pricing and sales force incentives planning
  • Pricing’s role in marketing mix
  • Price-advertising interactions and marketing mix optimization
  • Marketing-sales-pricing coordination case study and discussion

Pricing in Channels & Platforms

  • Marketing channel forms, partners and functions
  • Price coordination in marketing channels
  • Alternative channel pricing contracts
  • Optimizing channel pricing contracts
  • Public policy, e.g., GST, impacts on pricing
  • Pricing by Two-sided platforms
  • “Bringing it Together”: Wrap-up and Key Takeaways from Pricing Program

Who should attend

Middle to senior

  • Corporate planners
  • Financial officers & pricing executives
  • Marketing managers
  • Sales managers

Trust the experts

Saravana Jaikumar

Prof. Saravana Jaikumar is Assistant Professor in Marketing area at IIM Calcutta. He is a Fellow (Ph.D.) of Marketing from IIM Ahmedabad and MBA from Cardiff Business School, UK. His research work has been published in reputed international journals including Journal of Advertising Research, Jour...


Murali Mantrala

Professor Mantrala is a member of INFORMS (the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) and the American Marketing Association (AMA) .Previously, he was J.C. Penney Associate Professor at the University of Florida, Gainesville (1995-1998) and then Manager at ZS Associates, E...


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