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Sauder School of Business

Available dates

Jan 30—31, 2020
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1519
CAD 997 per day


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About the course

Presenting Ideas with Clarity and Confidence

Too many presentations fail to inspire because they focus on information rather than inspiration.

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this course explores a new communications approach: one that will enable you to present your ideas so that others are inspired to act upon them. Deliver presentations with a clear message, persuasive structure and compelling language. Create visuals that present ideas rather than information. Project a confident, natural presence in every interaction.

To ingrain your learning experience, the program includes hands-on presentation workshops in formal, informal and off-the-cuff situations

What you will learn

  • View all presentations through the lens of leadership
  • Move from an informational to an inspirational style when creating and delivering presentations
  • Integrate effective slides into your presentation
  • Develop visuals that aid rather than upstage you
  • Synthesize complete presentations into concise summaries
  • Answer questions confidently while furthering your objectives

Program content

  • Presenting as a leader: the link between communication and leadership, presenting with purpose
  • Using the Leader’s Script® to build your presentation: defining your topic and objectives, focusing your message, building a logical structure, selecting your call to action, creating an outline for your presentation
  • Presenting ideas through PowerPoint: when to use visuals, moving from script to slides, building visuals, storyboarding the outline of your presentation
  • Presenting with a leader's presence: projecting confidence through eye contact, pace, voice, expression, body language and tone, creating a lasting impression, delivering your presentation
  • Mastering Q&As: best practice Q&A techniques, applied practice in Q&A sessions
  • Presenting on the fly: distilling a long presentation into a short story, creating a 30 second script

Special features

The workshop format provides ample opportunities for hands-on practice. You will work on scripts for an upcoming presentation or re-do an old presentation, and receive feedback on your speaking notes, slides and delivery skills. The program also includes videotaping and review of the course footage.

Who should attend

Business managers and professionals who want to present their ideas with clarity and conviction, to inspire others to act on them.

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