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SIM Professional Development

Presentation Essentials

Jun 13—14
2 days
SGD 1048 ≈USD 761
SGD 524 per day
Aug 29—30
2 days
SGD 1048 ≈USD 761
SGD 524 per day
Nov 7—8
2 days
SGD 1048 ≈USD 761
SGD 524 per day

How it works



Today’s presenters are required to be effective, well prepared, focused on getting the points across with no time wasted. This programme is designed for those who want practical training, be they experienced presenters wanting to refresh their skills or those wishing to become a more effective, confident and dynamic presenter.

Benefits to You

This highly practical and learner-centric programme will involve practices directly related to participants’ job and work environments. Participants will develop skills to improve their communication and deliver presentations that are tailored to their audience. This enables their message to be received, understood and remembered for better outcomes.

• Become a more confident presenter

• Have a clearer message through focused preparation

• Become Objective-based, not Subjective-based

• Become a Presenter, not a Speaker

• Be able to talk to and draw your audience in

• Understand and incorporate key components of effective presentations

Programme Outline

• Presentation misconceptions and the communicative approach

• Pre-preparation - 3 essentials

• Preparation -The 6 Step Approach and ‘unasked question’ technique

• Audience profiling, industry and cultural expectations

• Non-verbal communication and code

• Delivery and reducing nervousness

• Visual Components and techniques for effective use

• Preparing to Speak

As part of the training and learning during this course, photography and/or video recording of participants in action will be done.

Who should attend

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

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