Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Practical Strategies for Successful Women Leaders

Available dates

Nov 25—27, 2019
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3550 ≈USD 2685
CAD 1183 per day
Mar 25—27, 2020
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3550 ≈USD 2685
CAD 1183 per day
Sep 21—23, 2020
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3550 ≈USD 2685
CAD 1183 per day


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About the course

Drawing from research and best practices, as well as stories from successful women, this program will help participants identify the obstacles in their own workplace and increase their knowledge, skills and understanding of what it takes to be successful as a women leader. The result will benefit not only women, but all leaders and organizational stakeholders.

Learn How To…

  • Address the gap between “promise & practice” in gender equality
  • Engage others, both men and women, to create a work environment that works for everyone
  • Maximize the learning strategies of networking, coaching and mentoring to achieve success
  • Gain operational & strategic experience to move into more senior leadership roles
  • Strategize & action plan with a dose of reality while not waiting for the perfect plan
  • Make effective decisions under pressure and manage crises

Special Features

Networking opportunities will be provided and coaching and mentoring partnerships will be established for future follow-up & support (in 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months post course).

Participants will benefit from guest speakers who will share stories, experiences, and perspectives, including successful women at the CEO and C-suite level, and a male executive sponsor of women leaders plus sponsored female.


Overview of Leadership

  • Definition of a leader
  • How a leader is different than a boss or manager
  • What are the critical competencies, skills and abilities/attitudes needed for the future successes?
  • What are the characteristics and behaviours of effective leaders?

History of Women in Leadership

  • Review of the past and present
  • Future predictions
  • Why more women leaders are critical for organization’s success

Identifying your temperament and preferences

  • Your Myers Briggs Type Indicator® report & feedback
  • How to gain a deeper understanding or yourself and how you interact with others
  • How this awareness can help you as a leader

Identifying your own leadership style

  • Your comprehensive 360-degree Assessment from SEEC and feedback
  • How others perceive you in the workplace
  • Effective strategies to improve your performance and other’s perceptions

SWOT analysis of your own abilities or that of your organization

  • What are the strengths and opportunities you can leverage?
  • What are the obstacles and threats you have to mitigate?
  • How to create work environments that empower more women into leadership positions

Sharing of stories from successful women leaders in the C-suite

  • What can we learn from Sheryl Sandberg and Kirstine Stewart?
  • What worked for current women CEO’s & C-suite leaders in the public and private sectors?
  • What can we learn from each other?

Effective Strategies for now and in the future

  • Recognizing the importance of networking and how to set up a network for yourself
  • Coaching and Mentoring – how can they help?
  • Other successful strategies to get ahead and how to put them in place

Action Planning

Using the GROW tool to plan your career

  • Development of individual or organizational level action plans for immediate implementation
  • How to keep the momentum going “together” with follow-up in 3 days. 3 weeks and 3 months

Who should attend

This program has been designed specifically for women currently in mid-management from any sector who aspire to lead in senior management positions.

Trust the experts

Linda Irvine

Linda Irvine has more than 30 years of leadership and education experience having occupied strategic management, education and executive health portfolios while working with a variety of organizations, governments, hospitals and universities.


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