SIM Professional Development

Practical Management Skills for the Executive and Senior Secretaries

Available dates

Dec 9—10, 2019
2 days
SGD 556 ≈USD 408
SGD 278 per day
Mar 9—10, 2020
2 days
SGD 556 ≈USD 408
SGD 278 per day
May 11—12, 2020
2 days
SGD 556 ≈USD 408
SGD 278 per day
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About the course


As an important member of the team, an effective secretary must maintain high levels of service delivery to achieve the organisation’s objectives. This programme highlights the importance of your role and aims to prepare you with the necessary information to handle your duties and manage the demands of your role successfully.

Benefits to You

At this intensive programme, you will learn to:

  • manage your key roles and identify key tasks to achieve peak performance
  • manage the office more efficiently through application of key management concepts like teamwork, leadership, assertiveness and EQ Skills
  • be a good coach and delegate tasks to your ‘juniors’ confidently, tactfully and tactically
  • take feedback and criticisms positively and give timely constructive feedback to promote greater team effort
  • be a respected team leader and good role model, and win the respect and trust of subordinates, colleagues and bosses
  • know how to communicate more effectively and sharpen your communication skills

Programme Outline

Know your Role as an Executive Secretary / Personal Assistant

  • The executive secretary / personal assistant as an ideal ‘office manager’ and team leader
  • Skills for ‘survival’ and managing your future (globalisation!)
  • Your place in the ‘lean’ and ‘mean’ organizations
  • Creating a positive and harmonious working environment

Becoming a Team Leader and Motivational Techniques

  • Becoming an effective team leader and managing more professionally
  • Enhancing working relationships with bosses, peers and secretaries/administrative assistants
  • Maintaining peoples self-esteem and adopt win-win strategies

Approach to a Better Working Relationship with Bosses

  • Understanding bosses expectations
  • Know how to prioritise and stay focus

Positive EQ Skills: Tact and Skills in Handling People

  • IQ vs. EQ: What it means to your career!
  • Putting EQ to work at the workplace!

How to Present and Communicate Your Ideas more Professionally to Management

  • The Dos and Donts of Effective Written Communication
  • The Importance of writing in Clear and Unambiguous internationally acceptable English
  • The “ABCs” of Writing Techniques (Case Exercise)
  • Language Use and Active Vocabulary: Clarity and Precision
  • Say It Right: Pronouncing and articulating words and phonemes correctly in Standard English (British Model)
  • Knowing the 44 phonetic symbols (phonemes) and standard speech sounds (International Phonetic Alphabet) (IPA)

How to Take Criticisms and Give Constructive Criticisms Positively

  • Taking unfair criticisms positively without being defensive
  • Giving constructive criticisms to promote team effort
  • Knowing the differences between aggressive, passive, assertive and manipulative behaviour styles
  • Feedback: Prescriptive and objective language

Who should attend

  • Level 1: Admin & Support
  • Level 2: Supervisor, Executive & Emerging Managers

Senior administrative professionals including executive / senior secretaries, personal assistants, and other senior administrative professionals reporting to senior / middle management.

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